Friday, November 15, 2013

If You Moved to Orlando

Hi neighbors!

We have some dear friends who live in Orlando Florida.  They love it there.  We actually go down once a year to visit, usually in the springtime.  Now, I am from Florida, born there and spent quite a bit of my life there, so I know Orlando well.  I don't know how many family vacations were spent in Orlando.  Overall, Orlando is a great place to visit and our friends think it is a great place to live.

They love that they have everything they need nearby from shopping and dining to fun family attractions. They have huge libraries and of course there are almost always activities and events to attend.  They don't even need to leave home to take a vacation.  They can take time off, sleep in their own beds and yet still have fun visiting attractions during the day and dining out when they want to.  They always have plenty for us to do when we visit.

Orlando seems to have grown and changed every time we return.  There are always new shops, bookstores and restaurants to visit, and of course we also make sure to stop in our favorites from past years.  There is a bookstore that carries old books at reasonable prices so we place this one high on our priority list to visit every trip.

If you moved to Orlando where would you want to live?  What about  an Orlando new townhome community?  Or perhaps you would rather live on the outskirts of Orlando, where it would be an easy commute to all the activities and benefits Orlando has to offer.  Maybe you would love to retire there some day.  Or maybe like us, it is just a nice place to visit.

Thanks for stopping by At the Fence.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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