Saturday, November 9, 2013

Graco Little Lounger Party!

Hey neighbors!

I was invited to attend a blogger party to learn about the Graco Little Lounger.  The party was sponsored by Graco and held at the home of Emily from Baby Dickey.  I really enjoyed the chance to get to meet the 12-14 other bloggers who were able to attend the event.  Along with getting a chance to review the Graco Little Lounger, Emily invited a makeup artist to give some tips for busy moms about applying their makeup.

I sure would have loved one of the Little Loungers when my children were little.  It rocks or vibrates to keep your little one soothed and comfortable.  I still remember carrying in the infant car seat and putting one of my daughters in it and having to rock it with my foot to keep them happy.  For one of my daughters we would actually take a drive around the block and let the vibrations of the car soothe her.

You don't have to do things like that anymore.  Graco has solved this problem with their Little Lounger.  It is designed for an infant and will hold up to 30 lbs.  Graco recommends you stop using this after your child can sit up by themselves to prevent accidents. 

The soft seat can be adjusted to lay flat or reclining.   The legs are curved at the base so the seat will rock.  There are also little locks you can pull down to make it stable and stop the rocking.  Once the legs are locked you can use the built in vibrator.  There are two different settings that will vibrate the seat.  (A D battery is required for this.)

There is a removable toy bar that has two soft toys attached by velcro for your infant to look at or play with.  One of the features I like best, other than the rocking and vibrating, is that there is a safety pad that wraps around the clip you use to strap your baby in the seat.  This prevents accidentally pinching the skin.

The Graco Little Lounger also conveniently folds in half for storage.  The design allows it to stand by itself when folded.  You don't need to wedge it in somewhere or even lean it against the wall.  Perfect!  This also makes the Little Lounger portable enough to take with you.  Oh, and it is extremely light weight.

One of the ladies brought her baby, who was able to try out the Graco little Lounger.  The minute she was placed in the Lounger all the other children had to see her and touch her.  Adorable!

We had a great time and I am extremely happy to be able to share this review with my neighbors here At the Fence.  Expecting, or know someone who is?  Consider the Graco Little Lounger as a gift.  The Little Lounger is priced at $79.99 and is available at Target in the Dakota pattern.  This Lounger can also be found in Caraway or Astoria.

Be sure to follow Graco on their social media, so you will stay updated on what is happening in the Graco world.

Product Information:

Little Lounger™ is two products in one: a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger. In rocking seat mode, calm baby with the gentle back and forth motion of the rocking seat. Then, flip down the Rock Locks™ and the seat becomes a vibrating lounger with 2-speed vibration. The ingenious seat has multiple recline positions, so that it's easy to find just the right position for baby's comfort. When you're not using it, Little Lounger folds compactly to store or travel, and a cute toy bar will keep baby occupied.
MSRP: $79.99

Key Features:
2-in-1: Rocking Seat + Vibrating Lounger
Rock Locks™ transform the rocker  into a stationary vibrating lounger
Multi-position recline makes it easy to keep baby comfortable
Toy bar with two soft toys keeps baby entertained
3-point harness keeps baby secure


Exclusively available at Babies R Us in the Caraway fashion 
Exclusively available at Target in the Dakota and Elm fashions 
Exclusively available at buybuy Baby in the Astoria fashion 
General line and specialty in the Ardmore fashion

The above photo is of Jesica from Mommy Bunch volunteering for the makeup demonstration.

Thank you Graco for sharing the Little Lounger with us.  And thank you Emily for opening your home.  I had a great time.

Neighbors, I hope you have enjoyed learning about the Graco Little Lounger.  Please feel free to leave comments or even questions.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you soon, At the Fence!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post.  I received a Graco Little Lounger and was compensated for this review.  The quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing! It was such a great event and wonderful to meet you!! Great post! I'm lucky I still have one small enough for the Little Lounger! She loves it!

karenmed409 said...

Thank you for sharing, baby products have advanced so much these days. I do remember putting a few little ones in the car to help them sleep.

Unknown said...

It was great meeting you at the party! Hopefully next time we can do more than say "hi" ♥ Great post! My daughter had a lot of fun helping to rock the baby, and she keeps running up to the box and patting it, saying "baby"!! Too cute.

Emily said...

It was great to meet you! :)

Tina @ My Highest Self said...

Such a fun event, great post! Can't wait to gift the Little Lounger to my sis who is expecting.

Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesster said...

I think this is great - and it really is just so dear and adorable! I think it is perfect for all newborns - but I just have to share this:

I was recently at a baby shower and THIS was one of the (nicest!) gifts. But we were all aahing and oohing how sweet it was - apparently we weren't the only ones admired it - as the hostesses two little kitties didn't waste any time before jumping in and cuddling up themselves! ; - )

Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you at the party! I think it’s great that one of the most trusted brands of safety seats is marketing it as a two year seat even if it won’t really get you there. Maybe now people will keep their kids safer longer even in other seats. Great post!