Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tapple - A Fantastically Fun Game

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a fantastically fun game for family game night, or when you get together over the holidays!  Tapple is done by the same company who did Telestrations, which is also a favorite of ours.  Some of you may remember our review of Telestrations a couple of years ago.  Anyway, Tapple is a self contained game, that is so much fun.  I actually had my first chance at trying this game a ChiTag in Chicago.  You really need to try to go next year if you can!

I played Tapple with the representative that was present and another blogger.  Our card was - Things at a Party.  The first player picks the card and chooses the category (this was Things at a Party).  They then tap the red timer button in the center of the game and call out an item found at a party that begins with one of the letters found on the outside of the Tapple game.  They name the item and push down the lever with the appropriate letter, then tap the timer for the next person.  The next person then names an item beginning with one of the remaining letters and pushes the timer button to start the next players turn.  The play continues until someone can not name something starting with one of the letters left before the buzzer sounds.  Timer runs for 10 seconds before buzzing.  Play continues until only one player is left.  This winner takes the card, and the game is reset and the next round begins.  The winner is the one with the most cards when you finally decide to stop.  The yellow buttons are pushed to the left to reset all the letters.  We had a great time playing Tapple after returning from ChiTag.  Watch the short video below to get an idea!

Be sure to think about adding Tapple to your gift list.  We will be playing this one quite a bit!  Tapple is available for $24.99.  You can find their social media:
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

Enjoy!  See you soon At the Fence!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are our my own.

Imagine I Can Roll and Bowl Anywhere

Hi Neighbors!

Hope you have had a Happy Thanksgiving and are headed in to a beautiful weekend.  I have a cute game to share with you from Manhattan Toy the Imagine I Can brand.  Designed for ages 3 and up, it is a portable tabletop game of mini bowling and a marble obstacle course.  (Please be careful of young children around the marbles.)

The mini bowling is set up with 6 colored pins and a wooden ball for knocking the pins over.  I am sure you can create many different ways to play this.  See who can knock over the most pins with one roll.  Or perhaps give a time limit in which they have to knock over all the pins before setting them back up to try again.

The marble obstacle course is a little harder.  You have a wooden bridge, a small wooden tunnel and a wooden cup.  Set the course up in the manner you like and then see how quickly you can complete the course.  You could also put a large sheet of paper or poster board under the course and draw lines or paths you must stay inside of.  Make this game as easy or as difficult as you like.

The games come in a convenient carrying tin.  This makes the game perfect to take on trips, like visiting relatives or friends.

Imagine I Can has several other tins with all kinds of creative activities packed inside.  Your child can have fun sewing, knitting, finger painting, games, coloring, etc.  Stop by their website and see all they have to offer.  These will make great extra gifts or even perfect for giving between friends.

A little about the Imagine I Can kits:
Many of the kits come packaged in colorfully designed tins that are portable and reusable, perfect for holiday travel, whether by car or by plane, Manhattan Toy has it covered. After all, what boy or girl doesn't like to role play, get fingers messy with arts and crafts or challenge Dad to a contest of stacking, chasing or finding simple game pieces?
In addition to being recognized as one of only seven Best Toys of Toy Fair by The View, accolades from Parents Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Family Fun Magazine’s 22nd Annual Toy of the Year Awards and a Platinum Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio quickly followed in recent months. This batch of 13 kits are sure to capture the imaginations of little ones and keep young minds active and little fingers busy through the hectic holidays.

And a little about Manhattan Toy:
Play is discovery and exploration, and joy, and growth, and learning, and so much more. And for Manhattan
Toy play is serious work. So when it brings play to life, it does it with a commitment to the finest in
craftsmanship and creativity. All of the company’s products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested
classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight consumers large and small.
The Manhattan Toy family of brands — including imagine i CAN®™, Whoozit®, Wimmer-Ferguson®,
Groovy Girls®, Dr. Seuss™, Fraggle, Rock™, Parents®, Baby Stella, and Manhattan Toy — offer more than 700 exclusive, original product designs distributed worldwide through more than 10,000 fine department and specialty toy and gift retailers. Each year the company introduces hundreds of new toys, yet many of its original designs have remained consistently popular for decades.
Manhattan Toy invites all ages to explore their world, where you’re certain to find great toys and gift ideas that are not only exquisite, but exclusive as well.

One person will receive the opportunity to choose one of the below products from Manhattan Toy Imagine I Can brand:
Stained Glass Stickons-Galaxy, Garden, or Jungle
Roll and Bowl Anywhere
Mini Play Sets-Farm Fun or Jungle Fun
Knitting Beginnings
Pet Rock Pals
Lace and Play Animals
Tin Games-Cheese Chase, Shape Stack, or Caterpillar Connect

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Bommerscheim Buddies, So Adorable

Hey neighbors!

Here is the perfect holiday gift for an expectant mom, infant or toddler.   It is a Bommerscheim Buddie!  They are cute, cuddly and just the right size.  How many moms out there remember their youngster dragging around a stuffed animal.  The Bommerscheim Buddies will meet the needs of a toddler.  The long ears make him easy to grasp and carry around.  He is of course soft and cuddly, being made of a flannel or fleece.  There are many patterns and colors to choose from.

The best part of a Bommerscheim Buddie is, he comes with a removable cover for washing!  When you purchase your Buddie just choose an extra cover either the same print or another of your choice.  Then if your child's Buddie should get dirty or soiled, you can remove the cover, replace it with the spare and throw the other cover in the wash.  Bommerscheim Buddies have no snaps, zippers or buttons to hurt that tender skin, he closes with hook and loop (velcro) on his tail and feet.  The embroidered face is happy and once again there is nothing that would cause a choking hazard.

Bommerscheim Buddies are reasonably priced at $19.99.  The extra covers are $13.99 each.  They also have Bommerscheim blankets if your child prefers blankies and they even carry six Ittie Bittie Buddies.  If you are interested, you can even customize your Buddie for $10 more and add a name up to 13 letters.

About Bommerscheim:
My mother and her sisters grew up in rural southern Illinois in the 1940's and 50's. My aunt Joan first made the Bommerscheim Buddies in the early 1960's for her kids. Then my mother made them for my siblings and me. They quickly became our constant companions. 
In the 1980's and beyond my mother made the Bommerscheim Buddies for her grandchildren. There are a number of well-loved originals in the homes of my cousins, nieces and nephews.
My family and I hope that Bommerscheim Buddies help your family create its own legacy. Start your family tradition today with Bommerscheim Buddies!

One person will receive a Boomerscheim Buddie of their choice (availability on site only).  Please follow this sponsor on their social media and take time to leave a comment on their site about your favorite Buddie.  Then feel free to share this giveaway with others.
Bommerscheim Buddies on Facebook-HERE
Bommerscheim Buddies on Twitter-HERE

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

KiteReaders Black Friday Deal

Hey Neighbors!

Check out the great Black Friday Deal at KiteReaders!

Beatrix Potter’s children’s books have been classics for decades, and now you can get 3 of her most famous titles for only $0.99! Award winning children’s digital publisher KiteReaders  is offering an exclusive Black Friday Deal TODAY ONLY. Simply use the coupon codes below for your preferred book version at checkout on the KiteReaders Store
Black Friday Deal
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Both coupons are valid only on Friday, November 29, 2013 from 12 am PST – 11:59 pm PST.

Get this fantastic deal while it lasts! Redeem your exclusive code on the KiteReaders Store now!

Be sure to use the code above to get this great deal!

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon, At the Fence!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my neighbors and friends here At the Fence!  May you have a peaceful day filled with family and friends!

See you tomorrow, At the Fence!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Famosa Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge and Snow Adventure Car and Tow

Hi Neighbors!

One of our most recent finds is the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge and the Pinypon Snow Adventure Car and Tow.  My daughter and I had a great time setting up the Ski Lodge.  The Car and Tow just need a few stickers added.

The two sets can be played with together, so we quickly combined and mixed up the accessories.  The Pinypon characters are so much fun,because you can swap them around, change accessories, hair, clothing, even remove their hair and turn their head around for a different expression.  (Yes, they actually have two faces!)  There is a tree, snowman, picnic table, fireplace, and ski rack.  A snowmobile is also included, along with a cute little dog.  The Ski Lodge set comes with 3 Pinypon and one dog.

The Ski Lodge has a small hill the Pinypon can ski down and it has an ice skating rink.  I am talking you add water and freeze, so your Pinypon can go ice skating!  I recommend a parent fill this and freeze it.  There is a small lift on the side of the lodge to carry the Pinypon to the top of the hill.  In the rear of the lodge is a kitchen/dining area and the upstairs is a bedroom.

The Adventure Car has a a cute little tow vehicle to carry the skis on top and accessories inside.  You can also store items in the trunk of the car.  This set comes with one Pinypon.

Your daughter will have so much fun playing with the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge. I am sure this will bring hours of entertainment.

We did add the snow to the above picture after it was taken!

About Famosa:
Established in 1957 by a group of artisan doll makers, Famosa has become a leading European toy company and doll manufacturer based in Spain.  The company has a stellar reputation as a developer of innovative, safe and high quality products that foster all around development for young children. Families who grew up in Spain or Mexico likely have fond and warm memories of playing with their Famosa toys. Famosa currently operates in over 95 countries, reaching a wide range of consumers. In 2010, Famosa was acquired by Sun Capital Partners and its U.S. operations were established in October 2011, based in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.  The company markets brands including Pinypon, Nenuco, Nancy and Feber. 

Please be sure to stop by Hope's Cafe HERE and read her post about the Famosa Nenuco Sleep with me Baby Doll and Cradle.  Then be sure to enter the giveaway where the winner will be able to choose one of the below items from Famosa:
*  Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge (sold at ToysRUs)
·        Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow  (sold at ToysRUs)
·        Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle (sold at ToysRUs and Kmart)

Please take time to follow our sponsor's on their social pages:



Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

At the Fence Update!

Hey neighbors!

All Monday I was down with a bug, so I am presently playing catch up!  All winners have been contacted and I am going to try to get up three posts today, as I will not be posting tomorrow, other than a scheduled Thanksgiving post.  I will be back Friday with more reviews and of course giveaways.

I am also going back to listing giveaways in the sidebar as the page was more difficult to maintain and the sidebar is easier for readers.  Please continue entering, tweeting and sharing the giveaways.  Thank you again, especially to my regulars!

See you soon, At the Fence!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Novica, New Premium Gift Wrap and Giveaway

Hey neighbors!

Do you like to shop handcrafted items?  Novica has artisans from around the world! Now, they also offer premium gift wrapping.  for approx. $3.95-$5.95 you can add premium wrapping with you gift from Novica.
Novica Premium Gift Wrap:
Turn your gift-giving into an art form with our new premium gift wrapping service!  Delivering a beautiful handmade treasure, wrapped by hand in exquisite packaging will make your gifts truly unforgettable.  Above all, it's EASY! Just select the premium gift wrapping option during checkout and we do the rest. No more last minute worries about presentation - your gifts will be the best dressed every time!  Most premium gift wrap is only $3.95 - $5.95 per item.
Premium gift wrapping

Now, I received a $25 GC so I could have a chance to experience the new premium gift wrapping.  I have already ordered, but have not yet received my package.  I ordered the bracelet below, when it comes in I will be sure to share it!

Novica would also like to give one of my neighbors the same chance to experience their premium gift wrapping.  So far it is only available in Thailand, Bali and India.  Novica is another place where you can shop online and avoid the holiday crowds.  Be sure to check Novica's site when you do your holiday shopping.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken directly from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Super Duper, Super Gift Ideas!

Hey Neighbors!

Looking for that special gift idea?  Something more than just a toy or electronic gadget?  How about an educational game?  Take a look at the great games Super Duper Publications has to offer.  We received Hopping Frogs!, Turtle Talk, and some Tongue Twister Pencils.    What parent would not enjoy their child receiving a game that encourages learning?

Hopping Frogs is the Hippity-Hoppity Language and Articulation Game for P, B, T, D, K, G, and F (PreK and up).  Hopping Frogs will help your child with their language development, by using Vocabulary Building, Simple Analogies, and Naming.  With a colorful board, lily pads and plenty of leaping frogs, this game will be sure to hold your child's attention as they learn.  This is a game, I personally would set up on the floor.  Set up the board and pace as many frogs as you would like on the trees, plants and flowers in and around the pond.  Set the lily pad cards around the game board.  As a player answers one of the questions correctly, he/she may jump frogs off the board to their lily pad.  (Count the frogs at the bottom of the card and that is how many frogs they may hop to their lily pad.)  The person with the most frogs wins.  I do have to say though that this would probably be so much fun hopping the frogs around that you would not have to choose a winner, just let them enjoy!

Turtle Talk is a Fluency Language Game (PreK and up).  This game promotes Vocabulary Building, Describing, Sequencing, Critical Thinking, Listening, Reading and Storytelling.  Once again we have a colorful board with activities that will encourage your child to play and have fun while learning.  Answering questions while moving their token around the board and collecting tokens from a cute, little turtle.  There are several variations on this game that will help your child in various areas of their learning.  I love the larger foam dice in the game.  Much easier for younger children to handle and play with.

The last item we received are the Tongue Twister Pencils.  Perfect as a little extra gift, or as party favors.  Each pencil has a tongue twister on the side.  Imagine the fun at a party by challenging each person to say their tongue twister three times in a row.  Here is a sample:"Ten tiny turtles sitting on a tiny tin tub turned tan."  Can you say that three times quickly?

Remember, this is just three of the endless possibilities that Super Duper Publications has to offer.  You can search their site many different ways, from age related to subject.  They also carry games that help with specific learning disabilities.  This is perfect for a teacher looking for new games, a homeschooling parent looking to add to their curriculum, or just for a parent looking for a fun game for their child.  With Cyber Monday fast approaching approaching be sure to add Super Duper Publications to your list of websites to browse for gifts.  Super Duper Publications has also been kind enough to allow me to share a gift code for my neighbors here At the Fence, so make sure you use this code-D95UEQMS if you go shopping.  Oh, and don't forget that shipping is always free on orders over $20.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunny Side Design Giveaway

Hi Neighbors!

I found this etsy shop called Sunny Side Design.  This shop was opened by Angel after she adopted her puppy, Cooper.  As a busy mother of three children, Angel wasn't really sure a puppy would fit into the family equation, but after a few months of pleading and careful consideration, they adopted Cooper through a rescue agency.  Now a year later and they wouldn't trade him for anything.  He has enriched their lives.

So, according to Angel, she was inspired by her situation and started Sunny Side Design.  Here is a quote from her Etsy Shop about page:
You often hear the saying “Who Rescued Who?”. That was the thought behind the Rescue Me jewelry line. Ask most pet owners and they will tell you that their lives are truly enriched by their furry friends...that they even feel “rescued” by their pets unconditional love &affection.

Rescue Me Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet

Now Angel has made available a bangle bracelet with charms to show your affection for your adopted pet.  Not only do you receive a beautiful bracelet, but a portion of each sale goes to animal rescue organizations.  So you will be helping other pets find a home.  What a GREAT gift this would make!  I am sure many of us have family and friends who have adopted pets who would really enjoy a bracelet from Sunny Side Design.  Not only that, but it makes a nice gift for someone who might have lost their pet.  And shipping is always free!
Angel has graciously offered one of her bracelets for giveaway here At the Fence!  The winner will receive a sterling silver bangle bracelet with (4) custom charms. Here is a brief description:
Made with 14g STERLING SILVER wire and sterling silver hand-stamped charms, you can personalize this gift with several charm options!  Available in four sizes.  You can add more charms anytime, like if you get another pet or you have more than one pet!  The listing comes with FOUR charms - one 1/2" charm (cat or dog), TWO 3/8" charms (see list on Etsy site) and one custom dog tag charm. 

Please take a moment to visit Sunny Side Designs  and look at what she has available.  Thanks for stopping in.  See you soon At the Fence!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I received no product for review.  All quotes in red are taken directly from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Image 3D I Love It!

Hey neighbors!

I have just got to share this unique company with you.  Talk about a special gift idea!  It is called Image 3D.  Now, I am sure many of you remember Viewmaster reels, right?  I do!  Well, Image 3D lets you create your very own special reels!  Now how great is that?  You can create a family reel and send it to friends and family, or you could design one around a special event for your child, recognizing a milestone in their life.  Maybe you want to share baby's first step, or your ballplayers year, or a music recital, we did a Tae Kwon Do competition and also a photo shoot.

They really are reasonably priced also for what you receive.  For $29.95 plus shipping, you can create one reel and receive a viewer in your choice of color (white, black, blue or red), which you can personalize, all packaged in a nice white gift box.  The design program is so easy to use.  Choose your pictures to upload, or if you wish to have a slide with just words or narration, they have several backgrounds to choose from.  Each reel is basically seven photos or slides.  After your photos are uploaded you can edit them.  Add text, change the photo to black and white or sepia tones.  Once again there are several text choices, colors, and size.  All text will appear 3D on your slides, unless of course the writing was already on your photo.  During this step you can also adjust the color, contrast and brightness.

When you have your photo designed the way you like it, just click the finish editing button and you will go back to the build a reel page.  Here you just drag and drop the finished photos into the lineup in the order you want them to appear on the slide.  You also get to add a photo and text to the front of your disc.  This is just so neat!  I not only created one set, a disc, viewer and box, but I enjoyed this so much, I went ahead and designed a second reel.  Now, the first set is $29.95 plus shipping, but if you order more than one of the same reel, the price drops.  You can also order the reels separately for $19.95, with the same option of ordering more of the same reel at a discount.  You can see the pricing options, HERE.  One other option available is to create a label for your viewer.  I did not do this, but the option is there.  Image 3D reels should work with other compatible viewers, but I ordered one anyway.

Image3D Custom View-Master
Can you image your child's surprise on their face when they see themselves!  What a treasured gift an Image 3D set or reel would make.  Be sure to verify the shipping dates HERE, so you order in time.

Image3D Custom View-Master

Due to time constraints, I have not yet received my reels, but when they show up I will add another post, so you can hear what I think of the actual product.

About Image 3D:
If you've picked up an original View-Master in the last few decades, chances are the images were shot by one man. Rich Dubnow
(aka the Most Experienced 3D Photographer in the World) was
lead photographer at View-Master for twenty years producing
work for creative visionaries like Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg.

In 1997, Rich founded Image3D in the picturesque Pacific Northwest. Since then, we've grown from a kitchen table operation to a state-of-the-art facility producing custom-made 3D experiences for everyone from blushing brides to corporate titans.

Now, Image 3D is offering a GC to one neighbor that would provide you with one reel, a viewer and gift packaging.  How neat is that!  The only problem is that for holiday shipping, this giveaway will only run one week.  I want to make sure that the winner can receive their's in time for gift giving.  Please share this GREAT giveaway with others and of course be sure to enter yourself.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.