Monday, October 14, 2013

Update and Apology!

Hi neighbors!

I am back!  I want to apologize for the last few days.  I went with my husband to a preaching meeting at a camp, and there was NO internet at all.  I managed to jump on a few minutes two different days when we ran out to breakfast, but I was unable to accomplish what I wanted to. 

We are now in a hotel on our way home.  I will be posting a new giveaway this evening and writing winners. Sorry.  I am so behind right now.  Be sure to check your emails shortly to see if you have won any of the giveaways, and then stop back by in an hour or so for a new giveaway!  Yeah!  And look for some more reviews and giveaways coming up!

I do have to say we had a great time, even though we had to sleep in cabins where you had to walk to the bathroom.  Also we were on wooden bunks (twin size) that were screwed in to the wall so you could not push them together!  Oh, well, we still enjoyed the get away and time together!

See you shortly, At the Fence!

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