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Pom Tree Craft Kits Fall Fun

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a perfect fall craft idea for your children!  It is called Pom Tree and they have some of the most fun craft kits.  Wait until you see the fun these girls had.  They played a couple of hours on the living room floor designing their Post Office.

They put together the Feathered Friends Post Office.  Now, I will tell you these are two friends of ours.  We took a trip recently, so we brought this with us to allow them to build.  Both girls (6 and 5) adore my eighteen year old son.  He actually sat on the living room floor and helped them build the Feathered Friends Post Office.  Both of them were enjoying themselves as they built and decorated their project.

Everything you need is right in the box. No glue needed, they stick together.  Obviously some parental help is needed for putting the kit together, but what a great way to spend some time with your child.  Like I said earlier, this is perfect for one of those fall days like we are having today.  It is just a little chilly out and on top of it we have a light rain.  Just the time to pull out your Pom Tree Craft Kits and have some fun!

You can see how they started out with the base and slowly added on.  They were so cute to watch as they discussed putting the Post Office together.

Pom Tree has several different craft kits available.  Just a few of the 3-D Playtown Kits are:Sunnyside Up Market, Over the Moon Creamery, Swing-a-Along Pet Playset.  You can also choose from Sticker Tubs, Sticker Storybooks, and Playscape Creativity Kits.  All this fun and no glue required.

From Pom Tree:

PomTree researchers point out "54% of parents polled by Toy News said they play with their children using arts & crafts at least once a week." That's the good news. The bad? "Many more said they would craft with their kids if it weren't so messy!"
The benefits of parents playing with their children on arts & crafts projects can't be stressed enough. Beyond the bonding and one-on-one time giggling and building, tots learn how pieces fit together and how to problem solve when they don't; which is why messes are no reason to shy away!
Ideal for children ages 3 and up, PomTree, a new division of parent company Darice, Inc., launches the PomTree Stuck On Fun™ product line that feature high quality materials like foam, felt and mixed media stickers. Parents will be pleased with the affordable price tags of $5.99 for Our Day On The Town Sticker Storybook, $9.99 for Twinkle Top Treehouse up to $19.99 for Sparkle Fun Playhouse Kit. Best of all, when play is done, all of the pieces return to the PomTree containers that are reseal-able totes, tubs and canisters.

I think they had a great time playing together.  Be sure to stop by and see what Pom Tree has available.  We also received a Garden Sticker Tub of stickers also.  These can be used to create a picture, use on a letter to a friend, or any other craft where you can use stickers.  The stickers are foam, paper and felt, so you can really use them for many things.

Be sure to enter the giveaway.  We are having a joint giveaway with Hope's Cafe!  You will see the other fun kit we received on Hope's Cafe.  You can choose from:Sparkle Fun Playhouse Kit, Over the Moon Creamery Playset Kit, Sunnyside Up Market Playset Kit, Feathered Friends Post Office Playset Kit, Twinkle Top Treehouse Playset Kit, Swing-A-Long Pet Playset Kit, Sweet Sundaes Treat Truck Playset Kit, One of the Sticker Tubs, Playscape Mega Creativity Kit, 'Our Day on the Town' Sticker Storybook.  You can find these on the Pom Tree website.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation from this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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karenmed409 said…
I would choose the Playscape Mega Creativity Kit. I like that their is no glue required, keeps the projects less messy and that they can spend hours creating stories and having fun
Miranda said…
the kit with the post office is adorable
latanya t said…
Playscape Mega Creativity Kit
Darlene said…
I would choose the Swing-A-Long Pet Playset Kit
I like the Sparkle Fun Playhouse.
Jessica said…
I would choose the Playscape Mega Creativity Kit. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! girlygirlugh at gmail dot com
Steph said…
I would choose the Playscape Mega Creativity Kit.
Julie L said…
I think my girls would enjoy the post office kit

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