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Green Giant - Raise a Giant and Giveaway!

Hello Neighbors!

Green Giant is encouraging parents to "Raise a Giant".  They are partnering with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota to help stop bullying in their community.  with all the recent news reports of bullying, this is a concern parents should be acting on.  Help your child to understand what bullying is and how they can help prevent it.

Teach your child to be a "Giant" by standing tall and speaking out against bullying.  They would like you to write a letter to your child to help them be a "Giant".  Here's mine:

To all six of my children,

Someday you may have to face bullying, or come across someone who is bullying another person.  Since we do homeschool you will not be as exposed to this as some children are, but bullying can happen other places also, like the playground, sports activities, even at work.  I want each of you to be aware of bullying which can take many different forms, from casual teasing that slowly grows to being out right mean or rude to another person.

Just as I never want you to experience bullying, I want you to be able to stand for others who are or have experienced bullying.  I want you to be able to stand strong and tell the person doing the bullying that it is wrong.  I want you to be a friend and an encouragement to the one experiencing the bullying and when necessary to go to someone in authority to deal with the problem.

Never allow someone to belittle you or anyone else and never participate in making fun of or belittling someone.  It is much too easier to join in then it is to take a stand, but it shows a strength of character to take a stand for the right.  So be a "Giant" and take a stand against bullying.

To my neighbors, take a minute to visit the Raise a Giant site and read some of the letters parents have submitted and then take some time to write a letter to your child/children.

General Mills is allowing me to send one neighbor a $25 gift card.   Be sure to enter and then share this with others.

Disclosure:This post is sponsored by General Mills and My Blog Spark.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Unknown said…
My advice to a child is to never be afraid to tell an adult if there is bullying going on.

GFC: smurfette
Sandra VanHoey said…
My best advice is to talk to an adult as soon as it happens so it can't progress into future things happening.I know we have read several books and talked with my grandson about this
Darlene said…
I remember when I was in High School a girlfriend was bullying another student that did not look like everyone else, she had thick glasses and wore old looking frumpy clothes. After i saw what she did I pulled her aside and said that what she did was mean and how would she feel if someone did that to her. She said I was right and apologized to Ruby and never did it again.
karenmed409 said…
when any of the children were showing signs that they were being bullied, I suggested that they walk home with a few friends or switch lunch tables. If it keeps continuing I suggest they talk to their teacher or principal about it. Sometimes it is hard for other parents to accept that their child is a bully, we had one parent that just was not nice when I approached her. I talked in a calm voice to her until she calmed down, both parents starting watch their son a bit more closely and it worked. I suggested he join Best Buddies at the school and now he is helping students that are having problems with bullies
Unknown said…
I recommend they talk to an adult about the situation and let the adult find the appropriate action
JC said…
Always and must tell adults if being bullied.
Nancy said…
My tip: At the first sign of bullying, immediately tell a responsible adult - teacher, youth group leader, parent, etc.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com
Anonymous said…
encouraging children to tell adults right away will help with bullying
Janet W. said…
I've always told my daughters if someone bullies you then don't show any emotion towards them. If the bully knows it bothers you, then you're just adding fuel to their fire.
Anonymous said…
I talk with my kids all the time about how people are different and that we should always consider other feelings and that we should treat others the way we would like to be treated!
Patricia N said…
My kids attend a very diverse high school, and we stress the importance of accepting those that are different. They also participate in a anti-bullying program.
Barbara Montag said…
I read that it only takes one child to speak up and say not that's not OK.
Hopefully one would have the courage to.
Thank you.
LauraJJ said…
I think it helps to keep good communication with your kids and talk to them about school and their day. Start young and let them know its okay to be different.
My best tip is to share your own experiences with bullies from when you were in school. Kids seem to be more likely to talk about subject if they know you can understand where they are coming from.
Jackie said…
I've taught my children to be kind to everyone, and to treat people the way they would like to be treated. I've also taught them that if they ever witness anyone being bullied, they should tell an adult.
A lot of the bulliers bully because they have either low self-esteem or they may have a bad home life or they do it to make themselves feel like they are better than everyone.
I'd tell my kids to stand up for themselves and look tge bully in the face and ask them if they want to be friends end come over for dinner or to a movie.

Be nice to them.
Unknown said…
Encourage a child to report any signs of bullying, to an adult, or police officer if unsure of how adult will react, never pretend it didn't happen will always carry that burden with you if something serious does happen.
Report any bullying to a teacher or parent immediately.
Amanda Rauch said…
Try to teach children to never be afraid to stand up for themselves. They are precious and they should treat themselves that way.
Steph said…
I tell my kids to let me know if they are being bullied, I will take care of it. I also tell my kids to help any kid they see getting bullied. Stand up for them, let them know they are not alone.
Marti Tabora said…
I would just assure children that no matter what they should never ignore or overlook it if they see anyone being bullied. I think speaking up is very important. Thank you.
Cori Westphal said…
My best tip is to teach your kids compassion and understanding as young as possible! And be a good example!

coriwestphal at msn dot com
I think it is important that children talk to their parents or school faculty if there is bullying going on!
Desiree H
Ashley said…
Always tell an adult if you are bullied or see someone else being bullied.
Anonymous said…
Its important for parents to help instill confidence in their children and to teach assertiveness.
lmurley2000 said…
Always tell someone if your being bullied.
Unknown said…
Teach kids to stand up for each other and help each other.


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