Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bridgeway Academy English

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I recently received from Bridgeway Academy their Bridgeway English Book 1 Focus on Grammar ($23.33), Bridgeway English Book 2 Focus on Writing ($23.33) and the Bridgeway English Key ($23.33).  Now, the main reason I wanted to review these books was to do extra work and focus on areas I felt like we needed some extra work in.  M loves to write short stories, plays, and mysteries.  She has a good imagination, and she writes well, but I figured work on her punctuation, paragraphs and a few other areas would be a help.  This would be a good opportunity to improve her skills.

Book 1 as the name states focuses on the grammar.  It begins with Parts of a Sentence and slowly builds as each section goes on.  The book is broken down into Paks which are then broken down into sections.  At the beginning of each Pak you will find a list of objectives, an informative little story or fact and then the work starts.  At the end of each section your child will have a review.  Once the sections in a Pak have been completed, there is a self test which the child can take by themselves, or you can sit there and then grade it.  the student is encouraged to go back over their incorrect answers and find the correct answers.

As the parent I was able to pick and choose which lessons she really needed and skip over ones that I felt were not necessary.  We needed to work on punctuation, capitalization, and good sentence construction.  Most of this is found in the second half of the first book.

English Book 2 Focus on Writing is the one that really has the most information she needed.  Set up in the same manner as the Book 1, this one obviously focused more on the actual writing.  I really like that they cover dashes, parentheses, semicolons, proofreading, letters, etc.  We are far from done, but even glancing further in the book I can tell this will be beneficial for M.

I do like that they cover letter writing so thoroughly.  Today that seems to be something we have completely lost.  We have become so dependent upon electronics, that many students could not write a simple letter if they needed to. Thank you Bridgeway!

The Teacher Answer Key is very simply arranged and is easy to go through and correct the work.  By the time your student has finished this series they will be better equipped to head out into the world.  The books are designed to prepare your middle student for high school, or as a remedial course for older students or even an adult.  (Grades 7-12)  The lessons are easy to understand, and should require very little assistance.

Even I saw things in the books that I do not remember from English.  I did well in school and they even created an English course my senior year for a few of us, but I could even use a refresher.  I have included a couple pictures of the lesson pages to give you an idea of what they look like.


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