Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stuck on You Review!

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone doing this afternoon?  Remember when I posted about Stuck on You helping with your Back to School shopping!  Well, our personalized sports bag arrived just in time for M's first TaeKwonDo Tournament!  Here is a picture of her new sports bag...

Doesn't this look nice?!?  The printing came out clear and colorful!  After getting everything ready, we started to pack the bag.  First, we put her martial arts shoes in the convenient shoe pocket that is included.  Great!  No more shoe marks on her white Gi top!

We used the large part for her change of clothes for after the tournament, and her sparring gear (head, hands, feet, etc.).  Everything fit nicely.

There are a couple of small pockets on the front also.  We used one for her mouth guard (yes, it is in a case :), band-aids, etc.  All of them end up with blisters!

For the second small pocket on the front we placed in things like a comb, a few extra hair elastics, etc.

There is a nice padded shoulder strap, and the two handles can be veclro-ed together for easier carrying.  

Stuck on You is PERFECT when shopping for personalized kids bags, labels, stationary, puzzles, etc.  These would make GREAT gifts for Back to School, birthdays, holidays, etc.  You can also Like Stuck on You on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news and products.

You can read my original post HERE to learn more about the designing process.  

I received no monetary compensation for the review/giveaway.  I did receive product for review purposes only.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.  

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