Friday, September 6, 2013

Making Your Home Feel Comfortable and Sheltered

Hi Neighbors!

The woman came home from the gym and went straight for the shower. Her plans of bathing were not in the cards today. As she turned the crank for the water, she heard a loud banging noise come from the basement. No water came through the pipes and she expected something had exploded downstairs. She walked down the stairs to discover a pipe had indeed burst and left water all over the basement floor. Disheartened, she called a plumbing service and explained her emergency. She couldn’t wait for the plumbers to arrive though because she had a business meeting. So, she decided to call up her younger brother who had just turned 23 and was living by himself in an apartment just down the road. After explaining her situation to him, he invited her to come use his shower. She arrived minutes later to see the apartment was very unclean. Rushing to the shower so she wouldn’t be late, she wondered if the shower door was smoked glass or was actually covered in water spots. She made a mental note to return with her cleaning supplies from Ducky Products later and find out.   

See the Purpose of Cleaning

Cleaning is a tough activity for some people. They just don’t realize the importance of keeping things organized and spotless. A clean and organized environment can make a huge impact on your general mood and outlook on life. It is relaxing to enter a place that is organized and clean. The energy of the room can flow and you can take your mind off of stress and find shelter from the world.  
Make Time to Clean and Organize

Many people claim that they do not have time to clean. Sadly, if they don’t have time to clean, they will have to make time for taking care of a huge mess. Many people wait until the mess has become an emergency situation before they start cleaning. Once a home is organized, it only takes a few minutes out of every day to keep it clean. With cleaning supplies from Ducky Products you can make the job even easier. 

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Patty White said...

You are so right! Even I feel safer and more comfortable when my home is not only cleaned, but organized!! We try to stay organized by having a garage sale once a year to prevent clutter and keep organized.