Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Homeschool Spanish Academy

Hi neighbors!

Here is a really great way to teach your children Spanish!  What could be better than having an actual spanish speaking person to teach your child.  That is exactly what Homeschool Spanish Academy does.  We were able to review their Early Leaner (ages 9-12) spanish course.  This is an online course through Skype.  You schedule your lessons and then connect with your teacher for classes.  Super easy!

Pricing for the Early Language class is broken down into 1/2 semester, full semester and then if you desire 1 or 2 classes per week.
1 Class per Week:
1/2 Semester-$59.99 (7 classes)
Full Semester-$99.99 (15 classes)

2 Classes per Week:
1/2 Semester-$104.99 (14 classes)
Full Semester-$174.99 (30 classes)

Before you begin you do need to make sure you have a good connection and that your speed is appropriate for the program.  There is a speed test that you can run for this.  You will also need a webcam and a microphone.  I would also recommend headphones, but these are not necessary.  I found them useful as we have so much else going on in the home.

Once you have all the equipment and are registered you can schedule your lessons.  This is a very nice feature as a few times we had to change from morning one week to afternoon the next.  We were also able to schedule on Monday one week and Thursday the following week.  It fit very nicely into our schedule.  I do recommend setting them up in advance as sometimes they can get quite busy.  There are several teachers to choose from and you are even allowed to change teachers if you desire to do so.

M has several friends who speak Spanish, so she was very interested in taking this course.  She has picked up some phrases from her friends, but we still considered her a beginner.  The day of her first class after running the tests and speaking on the phone with someone from Homeschool Spanish Academy we set her up for her lesson and.... we lost internet due to a storm.  We were able to schedule for another day, so she wasn't too disappointed.

M really enjoyed her class.  Homework is often assigned at the end of class, and is emailed to you.  M really did not receive much homework.  She mainly had worksheets of information to study for her next lesson.  Because we have used Homeschool Spanish Academy previously with my two sons, we have experienced actually having to turn homework in.  You simply complete the work and turn it back in before your next class.

M really enjoyed her lessons with Luisa.  She learned quite a bit and is looking forward to experimenting a little when we visit our friends again.  The program fit easily into our schedule, and I loved the fact that she was learning from an actual Spanish speaking teacher from Central America, with proper pronunciation.  This course also gave her the ability to ask questions and get an immediate response from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Quality Instructors:
Our teachers go through a highly selective recruiting process whereby only 30% of those interviewed are offerred a position. A few of the stringent requirements include Spanish school certification, years of teaching experience, ability to speak English, and the passing of multiple rigorous simulation-based interviews.

If you are looking for an easy method for teaching your child Spanish, be sure to visit the Homeschool spanish Academy website and take a look around.

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A Learning Journey said...

I am happy to hear that they have a very selective interview and recruiting process. This looks like a wonderful Spanish program - maybe we could try it out when we update out computer system requirements. We LOVE all things Spanish. Thank you for sharing your experiences.