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Getting the Smile You Want

Hi Neighbors!

Perfect, straight, white teeth are a dream most people harbor. The movie star-quality smile is why so many children and adults suffer through months or years of braces, brush and floss religiously, and visit their dentists for whitening sessions. But what if your teeth won’t end up straight and perfectly even if you were to wear braces? Are there options for people with small, gapped, broken, stained, or missing teeth to end up with a smile that fills you with confidence? When you visit dentists like, who specialize in or include cosmetic dentistry in their list of services, you can walk out with exactly the kind of teeth and smile you’ve always dreamed of. Here are two of the products and procedures that can be part of your personal solution.

Dental Veneers

One of the most popular ways to correct crooked, stained, gapped, or chipped teeth is to get veneers. To understand what veneers are, imagine getting acrylic nails glued onto your natural nails. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are glued onto the surfaces of your teeth. The porcelain is matched in color to your natural teeth and has the translucent quality of real teeth, so it is very difficult for anyone to notice that you have veneers.
The process of having veneers put on your teeth requires that some of the enamel be removed to allow for the thickness of the porcelain. This means that the procedure is not necessarily reversible, although there are some products on the market that feature very thin veneers that can be glued on teeth that have been etched rather than teeth that have had enamel removed; these products, such as Lumineers, can be reversible. Also, veneers are not inexpensive; many people choose to only have veneers placed on the aesthetic zone, which is the section of teeth visible to others when you smile.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is different than veneers because it is used in small amounts to fix problems rather than cover up an entire tooth. If you have chipped teeth or gapping teeth, bonding material, which is a composite resin, can be molded like clay to smooth out edges or fill in holes. Bonding teeth is far less expensive than having veneers, but you won’t get the full coverage of veneers. In cases of both veneers and bonding, you will need to be careful that you do not damage the material by chewing very hard or very sticky substances. However, the final result, when applied by an experienced dentist at places such as can make any expense or time cost worth it when you confidently flash your pearly whites to the world.

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