Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What to Look for in College Housing

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When you’re moving out of the dorms, it’s a big step in your college years. You’re leaving behind RAs, food plans, and your life as a freshman. Living in a college apartment is part of learning how to be an adult. You take on more responsibilities but also gain more independence. When searching for UCM housing, make sure you know what features to look for. The amount of rent you pay is not the only important standard to consider. Follow this guide for ideas on how to select appropriate housing.


The amount of money you put into a place is a huge deciding factor. Ask what the monthly rental rate is. See if you can get a discounted rate if you pay early or if you intend to lease certain months of the year. Inquire about the fees you’ll be charged for late payments. Look through the contract in great detail to understand what other fees may be involved. Find out what the security deposit is. Ask if all of it is refundable when you move out. Discover what amounts will be drawn from the deposit for cleaning or repair fees.


Location should be a major concern for you. Where you live impacts many factors. Ask about how safe the surrounding neighborhood is and what the crime rate is. Keep your eye out for what locations are nearby. There may be a grocery store or restaurant in walking distance. There may also be a hospital or a night club nearby that makes the neighborhood loud. Remember that each apartment complex has a different social life. Knock on doors if you have to in order to ask current residents how friendly your neighbors will be and what social events go on at the complex.


Remember the importance of management, which can make or break your UCM housing experience. If the apartment complex you’re looking into is known for poor managers, turn the other way. Ask current residents and read online reviews to see if the management is attentive and charges fairly. Beware of managers who delight in hidden fees and neglect serious problems such as mold or flooding.

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