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Hi Neighbors!

I was given the opportunity to join the site for a month and check it out.  Tryout is a place where you can connect with experts in different fields.  It is a kid safe talent network.  You can register your child and then view different contacts and opportunities.

Tryout costs:
To sign up for Tryout is FREE! You can explore channels, opportunities and contests, in addition to getting tips from pros, experts, finding special training programs, teachers and coaches in your region and more. In order to apply for opportunities and/or contact an agent directly, you will need to go to your account page and upgrade your membership. For only $7 monthly, you can apply to 3 opportunities a month. To contact an agent directly costs $5. Tryout believes in giving back to the community and will donate a portion of each payment to a dedicated non-profit featured in the network.

Tryout has many fields listed.  You can choose fields from Sports, Dance, Drama, Music, Fine Arts, Martial Arts and others.  Each person registered may choose up to 5 fields of interest.  Once you have registered and chosen the fields of interest, you will be given channels to follow.  Some channels are extremely active, where others are not.  these channels will have information and opportunities posted for you and your child to read.

Tryout Safety:
Our site is not intended to be a social network. Your child’s profile is never made public and cannot be looked at or found by anyone. When you apply for an opportunity, you send an application that you create within Tryout that may include media that comes from your gallery on the site. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or run into trouble when in touch with a pro or agent, tell us by clicking the 'Contact us' link located at the bottom of every page. One of our team members will review the message promptly and take action if necessary.

Tryout is 100% COPPA Compliant.
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA" or the "Act") protects the Personal Information (“PI”) of children under the age of 13. Tryout is COPPA compliant and certified by PRIVO.  Tryout is a participant in the PRIVO's Privacy Assurance Program. As part of participating in the Privacy Assurance Program, Tryout adheres to the strict information collection, use and disclosure requirements. PRIVO is an independent, third party organization committed to safeguarding children's personal information collected online, and to helping parents and their children exercise control over personal information while exploring the Internet. The seal on this page indicates that Tryout has established privacy practices and has agreed to submit to PRIVO's oversight and consumer dispute resolution process. 

One thing I do appreciate is there are no links to Facebook or Twitter from the sites for your children to click on.  Your child will not be viewing pages you do not know about.

I can see where Tryout could be very useful, but do have to say that presently in the fields we chose, there is not much available.  Since my children are not into modeling, dance, or many types of music, we were limited in choices.  We chose fields like; Tae Kwon Do, Drawing, Writing, Graphic Arts and a couple others.  If this is something you might be interested in, visit and sign up and try it out for free.  Then if it meets your needs, you can upgrade your membership.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a trial membership for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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