Friday, August 2, 2013

Look at Our Puppies Grow!

Hi Neighbors!

I haven't posted any pictures of these puppies yet because we have just been so busy.  I decided that today I would share some pictures.  We have two Schipperke Sheltie mix pups.  They are adorable, pudgy little bears.  They are almost 5 weeks old, so they are really beginning to play with each other and get active.

Then we have a cute little purebred Sheltie pup.  He is a little over two weeks old.  He is one I almost wish we could keep.  He has some of the nicest markings!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Maybe we can give an update later!


Daydreaming Realist said...

awww PUPPIES! They are so beautiful!

ShellyH said...

They are absolutely adorable! I would fall in love w/them in a minute!