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Get Your Website on Top

Hey Neighbors!

It is no easy task to get your website noticed amongst the billions of other websites out there. If your plan is to create the greatest website ever, you are on the right track. However, even the best website ever cannot help you if no one ever sees it. That is where a program like the Orangesoda web optimization program can help your website get noticed. That will mean more profits for you and more promotion for your business.


Every search engine uses a mathematical formula to figure out what search results to deliver to someone using a specific set of terms. These formulas are kept secret as proprietary information, and because they are not same for Google, Yahoo!, or any other search engine, users get slightly different results depending on which search engine they are using. The goal for your company’s website is to be at the top of Google’s web search for the appropriate terms while remaining near the top of Yahoo!’s results. At this point, no other search engine really matters though Bing is a very distant third in users for search engines.

Number One

The reason you want to be in that top spot is because that is the one that people click on. Some people will click on number two and number three, but the drop off gets pretty severe. A very few adventurous search engine users will get to the second page of results, but by page 3, no one is clicking. That first position will ensure that anyone looking for those terms will get to your website, and that is what you want.

Search Engine Optimization

When people talk about SEO, they are talking about how to get your website to the top of a particular search. The Orangesoda web optimization program is designed to do just that. Having great content that changes regularly is important, but just as important is getting someone to see it. Your company is not in the business of making stuff just for the fun of it. Its website needs to increase the bottom line one way or another.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for my readers enjoyment.


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