Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Gift Basket Ideas to Give Your Loved Ones

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Picking out gifts is sometimes a hard task. Whether the gift is for someone you hardly know or even your best friend, finding the perfect thing is difficult. One way to take the stress off of picking out one perfect thing is to give a gift basket. You can choose to create your own basket or purchase one that has already been put together for you. Although it is always a great idea to fill a basket with a variety of things you know the receiver will love, here are some themed gift baskets to give you a few ideas.

Baby Basket

The birth of a new baby is always a wonderful time to give a gift. Instead of trying to find the perfect baby gift, why not fill a basket with smaller things? You can combine some necessities such as newborn diapers and pacifiers with some fun little toys, books, or clothing.

Bath Basket

A bath basket may be the perfect gift for the woman in your life that loves to relax in the tub. Fill it with bath salts and oils, brushes and loofahs, and even a pair of slippers, bath robe, or towel.

Book Basket

If your friend or loved one is a book worm, you could fill a basket with some great reads and a few bookmarks and highlighters. You could even include a mug and packets of instant hot chocolate, tea, or coffee to enjoy while reading.

Movie Basket

This is a great gift for young parents or couples that aren’t able to get away from home much. Fill a basket with a few good movies, popcorn, glass bottles of soda, and theater-size boxes of candy. 

Cookie Basket

A basket filled with cookies or other baked goods is the perfect gift for those friends who love to indulge in treats now and again. The great thing about these gift baskets is that they can be used for a variety of occasions including birthdays, holidays, and other special days.

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