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Backyard Family Fun with RingStix!

Hi Neighbors!

Have any of you ever played RingStix?  Now, I have to tell you, when my husband first saw them, he asked me if I really thought the family would play with them.  Well, just take a look at the pictures and video and you will see what happened.  we received the RingStix Pro which comes with 2 sets of stix, 1 red ring, 1 glow in the dark ring and a carry bag.  The Pro Set is $29.99, but RingStix start at $14.99.

They started out just tossing the rings back and forth, and after sending one on to the shed roof they decided to start playing a little differently.  you actually use the stix to shoot the rings into the air.  at first they had no control over where the ring was going, but after playing for awhile they started improving their aim.  you put the ring on your two stix and then pull them apart.  This will propel the ring into the air.

First they each went on a side of the volleyball court and you had to get it over the net and the other person had to try to catch it.  But, oh no, this was not enough of a challenge and they started using two rings.  They counted off, one, two, three, and they both shot one ring over to the other.

And of course, just a few times, one person would shoot both rings over at the same time.  No, no one ever caught both rings, but they tried hard enough!  RingStix is great family fun. You can play in your yard, or take it with you to a park.

 Ring Stix;
RingStix is a fast and easily learned outdoor activity for ages 6 and up and will get the whole family up and moving. Play RingStix with two players, in a group or solo. It is quickly becoming the new favorite at gatherings, reunions, vacations, etc. The sticks and ring float so you can have fun playing Ringstix at the beach. The ring even flies through the air in heavy winds! RingStix is unique in that you can be as active as you want - run around and play long distances up to 30-50 yards or pass the ring around leisurely at short distances and have a conversation as you play.

We are quickly turning our back yard into a fun, family retreat and RingStix will definitely be a part of this!

And now for the good news.  One neighbor will receive a RingStix Pro for their own family fun!  Does this look like a game your family would enjoy?  Then be sure to enter!  Oh, and take a minute to follow RingStix on their social media.  Facebook-Here.  Twitter-Here YouTube-Here

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive product for review purposes. All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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andrea v said…
In our backyard
ShellyH said…
I would take it down to our summer house at the beach as I think it would be fabulous for us to play in the sand.
We would play in our backyard.
Our backyard is a woods, so we would play in the front yard.
Unknown said…
Most likely our backyard, but we also have a number of local parks with nets where this would be lots of fun to play!
Anonymous said…
I would play RingStix in our backyard.
Jennifer Young said…
I would take this with us to play while camping!
Unknown said…
We'd play it at the park, camping, and when we have backyard BBQs!
Unknown said…
We don't have a backyard, but we have a huge front yard just asking to be played in!
Melanie said…
We have a nice big backyard that would be the perfect place to play this game.
1froglegs said…
WE have a very large backyard, so we have plenty of room to play there.
Truckredford said…
We play in the yard or take it on a picnic in the park

truckredford(at) gmail(dot)Com
Maheaneth said…
We would play in our backyard and at the neighborhood park.
Diana said…
I would play in the backyard with my granddaughters
MizVickik said…
In the back yard!!!
Miz Vickik
Crystal K. said…
We would play in the backyard.
Melissa B. said…
We would play in our backyard.
Darlene said…
In our backyard
Unknown said…
I would play in my backyard :)

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