Saturday, August 3, 2013

Andrea's Beau Review

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone doing?  This afternoon I want to share a new company that my twelve year old thinks is great... Andrea's Beau!  They carry ALL SORTS of hair accessories for girls, and women.  We received the Gossamer Flower Clip in light pink (one of my twelve year old's choices).  It is REALLY pretty!  And with school starting soon, we are definitely on the lookout for pretties to wear in our hair!

She decided to wear this one with a pink and purple outfit for church.  Doesn't it look good?!?  She really enjoys wearing this Flower clip, and several times when we have done each other's hair it has been pulled out and worn.  We only do each other's hair several times a week.  It has become a fun time for the sisters to sit around and try new hairstyles out on each other.  Braids, ponytails, buns, anything they can find to try.

Here is a little bit of information about Andrea's Beau... "My mother, an artist, taught me to see beauty in simple as well as elaborate things. A vase of daisies. A ballerina's costume. A decorated cake. That "je ne sais quois." Further inspired by my travels, I gathered vastly varying concepts of how women adron themselves to feel beautiful without the need to follow trends. In addition, I believe that every woman is secretly in touch with her girly side, and dress-up never stops being fun! Andrea's Beau is a natural extension of these inspirations. It pleases me to think that my creations help women express their own inner sense of beauty and personal style. And my beau? That's Marc, my amazing husband and partner. He still makes me smile. A lot."

Here is a close-up so that you can see how detailed it is.  

Do you (or someone in your life) really enjoy using pretty hair accessories?  Make sure you check out Andrea's Beau!  You can also Like them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news and products.

Andrea's Beau has given me a coupon code for my Neighbors to use...

You can use the coupon code "AtTheFence" for free shipping on any size U.S. order!

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