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Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura From Legacy Documentaries

Hey Neighbors!

We received a DVD from Legacy Documentaries called Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura.  Runtime for the DVD is 53 minutes.  Dean Butler is the producer and he also played Almanzo in the Little House on the Prairie television series.  although recommended age is 8-13, the same age as would be reading the books, this is truly a family documentary that all ages will enjoy.

Now, I personally grew up reading the Little House books and watching the show.  All of my daughters have at one time read and collected the books.  My two youngest presently own the entire Little House series along with several other books on Laura.  We have even visited the home that they lived in while residing in Missouri.  We are also planning a trip to Iowa to visit another of the historical sites.

We took two days to watch the dvd.  This documentary focuses, obviously, on Almanzo Wilder before he ever met Laura.  They visit the WIlder homestead in NY and share facts about that time period.  For instance did you know a family of could live comfortably on $10.37 a week.  I also like how it shows life before all the appliances and electronics we now have.  They do share portions of the book Farmer Boy.  This book shares a year in Almanzo's life.  Below is a small clip you can see of the documentary.

The documentary points out many differences between our life today and life back then, both in the home, working, and at school.  It describes the move west, homesteading and farm life.  The documentary covers from his life in New York to his meeting with Laura. They also include information on how and when Laura wrote the book Farmer Boy

From the Legacy Documentaries website:
"ALMANZO WILDER: Life Before Laura" is an all-new documentary produced in partnership with the Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder Association in Burke, NY. The program offers a unique look at Almanzo’s early life through original footage and re-creations shot on location at the Wilder Homestead, supported by visual and text excerpts from Farmer Boy.

My daughters both enjoyed this peek into Almanzo's life.  I think this would be GREAT for anyone who enjoys the Little House books, but it is also wonderful information regarding that time period.  This would be so easy to incorporate into your homeschooling schedule.  You can include reading Farmer Boy, or come up with several other activities that would go with this documentary.

You can purchase the Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura dvd from Legacy Documentaries for $21.95.  They do have a money back guarantee, but I really do not think you will have to use this.  Also be sure to click on the banner below to read more reviews from the Homeschool Crew.



Jennifer Young said…
What a neat show! We love learning about life in the old days. We go to "Old World Wisconsin" a few times a year to see all of the houses and towns set up and to learn about what it was like back then. It is the largest outdoor museum in the U.S. and takes the whole day to see everything. It's a lot of fun. I bet my girls would love this show as well!

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