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Giveaway is Not Getting Entries!

Hey neighbors! We have a caption the photo giveaway going on and no one is entering.  The prize is the M and M Candy Shop.  You can see the picture below.  There are also several extra entries.  You can find the original post HERE .

Energizer and National Childhood Injury Prevention Week

Hi Neighbors! I just learned something!  September 1-7 is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week.  I found out when Energizer shared some interesting information with me regarding coin lithium batteries.  Were you aware that if a child swallows one of these they can suffer serious chemical burns within two hours?  Energizer found in a survey they conducted that 62% of parents were not aware of this.  Wow! Now, I took the Energizer Challenge.  I received two different packages of Energizer Coin Lithium batteries along with a package from a competitor.  I set a stop watch and proceed to remove a battery from the competitors package in 26 seconds.  That was just using my hands.  I am also thinking if a child bite or chewed on the cardboard, they might even get it out faster.  Next I tried a package from Energizer.  Since I felt defeated at 55 seconds, after bending, twisting and even biting the package, I finally decided to poke it once with a pen.  That was at 55 seconds.  I

Back to School with The Ultimate Green Store

Hi Neighbors! We took the day off yesterday as my son turned 20!  We spent the whole day together as a family, so we did not post anything.  Now, today I have this really neat store to tell you about.  It is called The Ultimate Green Store , TUGS for short.  If you are looking for a one stop green shopping experience, this is it.  I can't believe all the different green products they carry.  We are focusing on Back to School right now, so they sent us the ECO Lunchbox.  This is a Stainless Steel Three-in-One Bento Lunchbox.  I think I will allow my daughter to use it as it is just the right size for her. This lunchbox has three containers and they are such a convenient size.  The bottom container is perfect size for a sandwich.  You then place the next container on top and put in fruit or chips, or maybe veggies.  You can then put nuts, fruit, or some other treat in the smaller container and nestle it inside the middle container.  Then, place on the lid and snap the closure

Five Gift Basket Ideas to Give Your Loved Ones

Hello Neighbors! Picking out gifts is sometimes a hard task. Whether the gift is for someone you hardly know or even your best friend, finding the perfect thing is difficult. One way to take the stress off of picking out one perfect thing is to give a gift basket. You can choose to create your own basket or purchase one that has already been put together for you. Although it is always a great idea to fill a basket with a variety of things you know the receiver will love, here are some themed gift baskets to give you a few ideas. Baby Basket The birth of a new baby is always a wonderful time to give a gift. Instead of trying to find the perfect baby gift, why not fill a basket with smaller things? You can combine some necessities such as newborn diapers and pacifiers with some fun little toys, books, or clothing. Bath Basket A bath basket may be the perfect gift for the woman in your life that loves to relax in the tub. Fill it with bath salts and oils, brushes and loo

Fun with our Pup

Hey Neighbors! This is our last Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) puppy for the year.  He is six weeks old and totally adorable!  My daughter decided to take pictures today with some props and have some fun. This is our COWPUPPY! ONE TWO THREE Then things got a little sillier. FOUR FIVE I still can't believe how tiny he is.  This is doll furniture for the 18 inch dolls and he fits them just fine! SIX SEVEN EIGHT Now, it is awful tempting to add captions, but we are going to let my neighbors do that.  Yes, this is going to be a giveaway just for fun!  And no, he is not the prize! NINE TEN Basically there are ten pictures and each has a number under them.  For your first entry you must choose one and give me a caption.  BUT, we are not limiting you to one.  There will be 3 extra entries for captioning another picture. Please include the picture number in your comment.  Please do different pictures for each of your entries.  the pri

flattenme Personalized Water Bottle

Hi Neighbors! We are still going with our Back to School theme this week, so here is our next review!  It is from flattenme .  We received their Royally Awesome water bottle.  We sent them a picture of M, and they added her face to the water bottle.  It turned out really cute! Not only does flattenme personalize water bottles , but they also do t-shirts, books, wall art and cards.  With the books you can choose from a couple of options, like having their picture in the book or just their name. Their water bottles are $24.95.  This is a 20 oz. personalized water bottle, that is of course BPA free.  They come with a clip on the top so you can hook them to a backpack, lunchbox or belt loop.  Perfect for Back to School, field trips, sports activities or just spending the day outside. A little about flattenme: All stories have a beginning. This is ours. Years ago, my husband caught our daughter on film eating a gobstopper – 15 photos taken over 24 minutes and 10 seconds. T

What to Look for in College Housing

Hi Neighbors! When you’re moving out of the dorms, it’s a big step in your college years. You’re leaving behind RAs, food plans, and your life as a freshman. Living in a college apartment is part of learning how to be an adult. You take on more responsibilities but also gain more independence. When searching for UCM housing, make sure you know what features to look for. The amount of rent you pay is not the only important standard to consider. Follow this guide for ideas on how to select appropriate housing. Finances The amount of money you put into a place is a huge deciding factor. Ask what the monthly rental rate is. See if you can get a discounted rate if you pay early or if you intend to lease certain months of the year. Inquire about the fees you’ll be charged for late payments. Look through the contract in great detail to understand what other fees may be involved. Find out what the security deposit is. Ask if all of it is refundable when you move out. Discover what am

Need to Raise Funds? Try Teespring!

Hey Neighbors, Here is a really neat site, I want to share with you!  It is called Teespring .  It is sort of funny that I am getting to do this because just recently we have been discussing ways for my 12 year old daughter to raise funds for music school.  She has really been looking for ways to make extra money, even going so far as ironing her brothers dress shirts for work and cleaning their bedroom.  They are actually paying her!  Now, we are discussing trying Teespring. Anyway, Teespring is a really neat site where you can design a t-shirt and then sell them to raise funds.  The best part is, you don't have to put anything out up front.  You use their online designer where you can add text and art.  Once your design is completed to your satisfaction, you get to choose the type of shirt.  They have basic t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and long sleeve to choose from.  You can even pick your color.  After this is completed, they will show you a base price for the t-shirt and you m

Doorposts Beauty in the Heart

Hi Neighbors! In this review I was given the opportunity to look at and use the Doorposts study guide, Beauty in the Heart . This is designed for young girls 10-12 and up.  The study guide was written by Pam Forster.  Beauty in the Heart is not only a study on what the Bible says about beauty, but it will also teach your daughter different ways to study the Bible. The first study is an inductive study.  With this type of study, you move from an overall view to specifics.  You will also learn verse study, character study, book study, chapter study and word and topical study.  You daughter will learn good study skills by using this devotional.  She will learn to use a Strong's Concordance, Nave's Topical, maps, and online studies.  All of these will be beneficial for her in future studies. The side of the pages are filled with gray boxes with extra study information, places you can look for further study, historical information, and instructions on how to find more i

Arrazzles by Funnybone

Hey neighbors! Here is another Funnybone Toys game up for review.  It is called Arrazzles !  Funnybone games are not just fun, they are also for learning! Here is the technical description:   Arrazzles lets you explore abstract geometrical configurations.  Each card has one of five different patterns of slots allowing for countless abstract building and design opportunities.  Arrazles are covered in five beautiful, reflective metallic colors, with a different color on each side of the card.  As you build connect the cards, the metallic colors reflect off each other.  The hole in the middle allows for further form exploration-it's sized to perfectly hold a standard plastic straw, so you can connect the cards that way, or string them together with yarn or pipe cleaner, allowing you to build a completely unique abstraction every time you play. With Arrazles they are several ways to play and create.  You can play a memory game, build something and let the others g

Back to School with GeoPalz! Review/Giveaway

Hello Neighbors! How is everyone doing today?  We are doing great!  Today I want to share a product our family just recently found... GeoPalz !  If you have never heard of GeoPalz, let me tell you about them.  GeoPalz is a children's pedometer where they have to walk to get free prizes, awards, or game time! We received the GeoPalz Rose (above).  After it arrived, we went online and set it up for M.  The registration is very easy and kid friendly (and yes, the parents do need to verify the account via email, before the child can sign in). The next day, M. started using her GeoPalz.  It took her a couple of days to remember to put it on her hip or shoe each morning, but now she is wearing it regularly.  She is already planning whether she wants to use some of her points to get a prize right away, or save up her points for something bigger! Here is a little bit about GeoPalz... " What are GeoPalz?  GeoPalz are pedometers using 3D Tri-Axis Accelerometers, design

Radio Shack Big Digit Alarm Clock

Hey neighbors! With school already started for some and starting soon for others, who needs some help getting the children up and ready for school on time?  I have a couple that need a little help, well, maybe big help would be more like it.  With 6 children I have a mixture of early birds and night owls and sometimes it makes it a little difficult to get everyone going the same time. When I received the Big Digit Alarm Clock from Radio Shack to review I wasn't sure who to give it to. Of course with the big digits, maybe I need it, so I am not squinting at the clock in the morning! Anyway, Radio Shack sent us this purple, (my daughters favorite color), Big Digit Alarm Clock.  It works on 2 AA batteries, which are not included.  It has a 3-second backlight, snooze function, large, easy to use buttons, and rubberized feet.  It is easy to set the time and the alarm.  My daughter is already begging for it. The clock sells on their website for $12.99 and should you or y