Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yard Sale Finds!

Hey neighbors!

Not sure how many of you know, but I LOVE to yard sale!  There is nothing better than finding a great buy. So, today while the children were in their Tai Kwon Do class, my husband and I went to some yard sales.

Now here is my first seventy-five cent find.  My daughters really enjoy painting their fingernails.  They like to try designs like flower, ladybugs, stripes, etc.  They even did a cupcake design on my thumbnail the other night.  Of course when I saw a whole tray of nail polish for seventy-five cents, I quickly grabbed it.  They have been planning new designs already!

Next I found some Brown Bag Cookie Art Molds.  These ones are from 1984.  I will have to do a post after we use them, but right now, I am just excited that they were only twenty-five cents a piece and I found three.  Yep, seventy-five cents!  Not bad so far.

A bear, a rocking horse and a pretty heart are the three designs I found.  I am not sure if I will just use them for baking, or if I will also display them.  Have any of my neighbors used any of these type cookie molds before?

The next but was $1, but I have to say it was still a great find.  It is several yards of lace, which we will use sewing!  Yay!  I didn't take any pictures of the lace.

Not bad for about 40 minutes this morning.  I always feel satisfied after finding buys like those!  See you soon neighbors, At the Fence!


ShellyH said...

Great finds Lori! I love painting my toes and nails so I would of scooped that up too!

Unknown said...

I have LOADS of those kinds of cookie cutters too..they are pretty neat!