Friday, July 5, 2013

Storing Your RV in a Storage Facility

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One of the benefits of living in Ohio is that you can enjoy all of the four seasons, but in the wintertime you can damage your RV if you don’t take advantage of the storage facilities in Columbus, Ohio. It is a safe way to store your RV during the harsh winter months. Here are three important tips to storing your RV so that you can enjoy all of you summer vacations the minute you get it out of storage.

Rodent-Proof Your RV

Stored vehicles can attract mice and other rodents if not properly cared for. When you put your RV in storage, you should never allow food to be in it. Even small crumbs can attract small rodents who would love to set up camp in a comfortable RV. Thoroughly cleaning your RV is a great way to prevent unwanted animals during the winter.
If you want to keep rodents out of your RV, you can also deny them access. Close all of the windows and vents in your RV before you ever allow it to sit in storage. Look over your RV and cover up any access holes with plastic so that rodents won’t be tempted to come in.

Protect Your RV from the Cold

The cold can cause water lines to freeze and burst if not winterized. Before you store your RV, make sure that you take it to an RV repair shop to have it winterized. This will prevent any problems during the cold winter months.
In the summer, you should completely flush your entire water system with hot water, including the water heater. It will remove any chemicals used to winterize your RV.

Clean Your RV

You won’t regret giving your RV a thorough cleaning. It will leave it smelling fresher and will decrease any chance of mold or mildew. You fridge should be cleaned with a mixture of hot water and baking soda to take down any odors. You can prop open the fridge and freezer slightly during storage so that air can circulate through the space. When you clean the RV, make sure that you use unscented cleaners as highly scented cleaners may attract rodents.
Getting your RV ready for the storage facilities in Columbus, Ohio, will be well worth the effort. If properly stored, you can take your RV on vacation soon after you take it out of storage.

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