Monday, July 29, 2013

Playing with Roses!

Hey neighbors!

While I was outside watering the plants my daughters decided to pick a few of my roses and play with them. They took pictures and played around posing with them.  So, while I worked, they played!  Actually I really enjoy watering in the early evening.

Rose 1

Rose 2

Rose 3

They started out taking pictures of a few of the roses on the wooden walkway.
Rose 4

Rose 5

Rose 6

Before long they expanded to costumes and posing!
Costume 1

Rose 7

Rose 8

I think they became a little more dramatic as they went along!  Even the dogs were able to join in!

Dogs 1

Dogs 2

Costume 2

Just a few more!  They really did have quite a bit of fun.

Costume 3

Costume 4

Costume 5
If you have a minute, leave a comment and tell me which picture is your favorite.

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