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How to Save Money When Getting Dental Implants

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How to Save Money When Getting Dental Implants

Many people have to make a tough choice when it comes to getting dental implants. They must make the decision to either endure the missing tooth (which can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing) or take out a loan and go into debt in order to be able to pay for the procedure, which can cost thousands of dollars. The truth is, the decision doesn't have to be this difficult as there are a number of ways to make dental implants more affordable and accessible, with or without the help of insurance companies.

Get Quotes from Multiple Dentists

The rates charged for dental implants can vary dramatically dentist to dentist based on their experience, location, specialty, services offered and the laws of supply and demand.  To find the best deal, visit several dentists in your area and get them to examine your situation and give you a detailed breakdown of the procedures, costs and timeline necessary to have implants installed. New dentists often offer the lowest prices as they are trying to bring in new patients and build a clientele.

Offer to be a Test Patient

Many schools of dentistry offer discounted surgeries as a way to get their students more familiar with the process of operating on an actual person.  If there is a school of dentistry in your area, it can’t hurt to ask if there is a training program on their campus and whether or not there are any openings that you qualify for. The worst thing the school can say is 'no' and if you are accepted you’ll save a considerable amount of money as they typically only charge for materials (crown, abutment and post). The surgery is performed under the supervision of a professional oral surgeon or dentist, so there is little to worry about. One downside is that these programs typically give preference to low income patients and their waiting lists are often quite long.

Explore Options Overseas

Dental tourism is becoming an increasingly popular method of saving money on costly procedures such as dental implants. Countries such as Turkey, India, Thailand and Hungary offer implants for average costs around $1000 which is very affordable compared to the average of $4250 in the US. While the cost savings can be significant, it is important to note that many of these countries have relaxed dental care regulations compared to the United States, so the risk of having a problem during or after implant surgery is greater.

Join a Dental Plan

Dental plans are membership programs that charge yearly or monthly fees in order to have access to steep (10%-60%) discounts on certain dental treatments. Dental implants are one of the few procedures that make being part of one of these programs worthwhile since they are so expensive. One restriction to this approach is that the discounts only work with a limited number of dentists who are affiliated with the program. 

Explore Other Options
Dental implants are a long-lasting solution to a missing or chipped tooth, but they're not always a necessity. It's important to consider other options such as removable dentures and fixed bridges as they are less expensive alternatives to improving your oral health. Ask your dentist what the most cost effective and/or helpful dental restoration is for your particular situation.

It's important to remember that while it’s a good idea to look for ways to save money on dental implants, they are expensive for a reason. They are designed to be a permanent solution and are used every day for the rest of a person's life, so the cost reflects the functionality and cosmetic benefits they provide. That said, following the tips provided above will help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on dental implants.

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