Friday, July 5, 2013

Boardwalk Beach Resort

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone doing this afternoon?  We are doing great!  We did some deep cleaning this morning (going through my sister's clothing - which is quite a chore :), re-organizing the closet, going through the food in the pantry, etc.) and putting everything back in place (yesterday we moved some furniture around, so there were still some little things out of place).  After that I went out and helped my little sister set up her slip and slide.  While taking a rest out on the swings she started talking about a trip we are taking later this year, and how much fun it will be (to Alabama, Florida, etc.).

We have recently been looking at some different hotels/resorts/etc. and found the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL.  The hotels look really nice!  They do have a deal going on right now where you when you schedule two nights (poolview or gulfview) you will get special rates, plus breakfast for two each morning...  Wow!  I was also happy too see that Boardwalk Beach Resort is pet friendly.  What about my Neighbors?  Do y'all have a certain hotel or resort you like to visit?  Leave a comment and let us know where you stay!  Do you bring your pets (dogs, at least) with you on vacation?

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