Friday, July 5, 2013

Beat the Heat Gift Card Giveaway Update!

Hey Neighbors!

There have been quite a few good guesses for the second card.  Here is another clue: Freezing Rock.

Now I am going to go ahead and add a clue for the last $5 Gift Card because I have gotten so far behind.  They make some of the BEST chicken.

New entry?  Leave a comment here guessing the 2nd or 3rd Gift Card and then go over to the original post and click on the Rafflecopter entry for this.  Have a SUPER GREAT weekend and stop back by soon for a visit,

See you soon, At the Fence!


scottsgal said...

1. Stone Cold Creamery

2. KFC

Nancy said...

Cold Stone Creamery!


Angela Saver said...


DEBIJOT said...

Cold Stone Creamery

Unknown said...


rachel said...

Cold Stone Creamery! Totally makes sense :)