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Nu-NAAT Chocolat Special Collection

Hey Neighbors! I was recently given the opportunity to try the Nu-NAAT Chocolat Special collection .  This includes the Creamy Chocolat Shampoo, Creamy Chocolate Conditioner, Chocolat Special Chocolate Cream Hair Mask and the Chocolat Thermo Active Anti-Frizz.  I have to tell you up front I first chose the Chocolat Special Collection just because it sounded good!  Let me tell you though, this was a really good match for my hair. I have pretty normal hair.  I don't color my hair or use blow dryers or curling irons often.  I did have a perm done about a year ago, but I really don't do much other than pull my bangs back between decided to let them grow out and then cutting them.  Anyway, on to the Chocolat Special Collection. Have you ever heard the term "squeaky clean"?  Years ago I had a friend who worked at a hair salon.  She told me the best way to know that your hair was really clean and not coated with chemicals was when you could hear it squeak as you

Creating a Place to Relax!

Hey neighbors! We are working on a new area in the yard.  We purchased a couple of swings and have sectioned off an area of the yard for an area to relax!  We have the swings, stepping stones, a fire pit and we are going to add a fountain.   I am sharing some pictures of the work we have been doing!  Hopefully we can finish it this week.  I will show more pictures of our finished project when we are done. We spent about 2 - 3 hours working and are planning another work day soon.  With schedules we actually have to plan work days! We also worked on the new dog area and have it almost completely done. I think by the time we are done it will be really nice. We placed everything we could in position so that we could judge where to place the stepping stones. I will be sure to share more pictures when we are done.  Have any great ideas, feel free to share in a comment.

Playing with Roses!

Hey neighbors! While I was outside watering the plants my daughters decided to pick a few of my roses and play with them. They took pictures and played around posing with them.  So, while I worked, they played!  Actually I really enjoy watering in the early evening. Rose 1 Rose 2 Rose 3 They started out taking pictures of a few of the roses on the wooden walkway. Rose 4 Rose 5 Rose 6 Before long they expanded to costumes and posing! Costume 1 Rose 7 Rose 8 I think they became a little more dramatic as they went along!  Even the dogs were able to join in! Dogs 1 Dogs 2 Costume 2 Just a few more!  They really did have quite a bit of fun. Costume 3 Costume 4 Costume 5 If you have a minute, leave a comment and tell me which picture is your favorite.

Motor Oil Matters Follow Up

Hi Neighbors! We had the oil change done on our Suburban today.  Unfortunately we do not have any MOM approved places around here.  We did take our MOM checklist though. The first point is one we follow anyway.  We regularly schedule our oil changes and follow the instructions in our vehicle's manual.  The second point is making sure we use the right viscosity.  This is another point my husband is already a stickler on.  Anything like that is always covered, so those were easy.  He knows a local company and we usually get our oil changes done there.  The only time he does not is of course when we are traveling. Receipts are required as we always double check them to make sure the work was done and that they followed through on everything.  My mother used to run the register at an auto shop and some of the stories she would tell regarding how workers ripped off customers were scary. Thanks to Motor Oil Matters we are up to date on our oil changes and ready to go!  One neighb

Schoolhouse Expo Ticket Information and Giveaway!

Hey Neighbors! Most of you already know that we homeschool, and I am aware some of my neighbors here do too.  So this information will be quite helpful!  It will also be helpful for those who are considering homeschooling, or maybe who are looking for more information.  Keep reading if you are interested in homeschooling! The Schoolhouse Expo is a five day event featuring 30 speakers.  It begins Aug. 19 and runs through the 23rd.  Each day from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm Eastern Time you will be able to gain knowledge from some of the leaders in homeschool information.  Price for the event is $24.  We here At the Fence are being allowed to giveaway 1 ticket. Be sure to visit the website, HERE to get more information regarding this event.  This is one of the best $24 you will spend on Homeschooling.  I am going to share just a couple of the speakers here and what they will be discussing.  Also, make sure to read the FAQ page , which will explain to you how the Schoolhouse Expo work

Hoo Rags! Amazing!

Hey Neighbors! Great to see you out today!  I have a really unique product to share with you today!  It is called a Hoo Rag .  This little fabric tube can be used in so many ways.  First off I do want to mention there is a giveaway at the end of this review. Before we get into the many ways to wear a Hoo Rag , I just want to ask if any of you have seen them before.  They are easy to use and fun to wear, not to mention they come in many designs and colors.  My daughter is going to help me show some of the many ways you can wear a Hoo Rag.  I received the G. I. Pink.  This is basically a pink camouflage.  These bandanas are a seamless, cotton-polyester blended microfiber.  They are light weight, moisture wicking, and of course fun to wear.  Now take a minute to see some of the ways you can wear a Hoo Rag! First off is a pony tail holder.  This one is simple and easy to accomplish. Then you have a kerchief or face mask. How about a neck warmer? Or perhaps a headba

Back to School Box!

Hey Neighbors! How about a Back to School Box?  It will run until the end of August.  I will add items for school.  Now, for this first post, I am not going to tell you anything that will be in the box.  For your first entry, I want you to guess 3-4 items that will end up in the box and then throughout the giveaway time period you can check back to see if you are right.  Of course I will also add new ways to enter!  So let's get started! Hurry up and enter so you won't miss out on anything!  See you soon, At the Fence!

Peaceable Kingdom Foil Art

Hey neighbors! Looking for some summertime "inside" fun?  Check out the new Foil Art from Peaceable Kingdom .  We actually had a Sunday afternoon where all the family was gone except for the two younger girls.  So after church and lunch, we went ahead and pulled out the Foil Art! This was quite a bit of fun.  I did learn to work one area at a time and to always try to do the smaller areas first.  At least this worked better for me.  We chose pictures and worked together.  You simply pick the picture you would like to work on and then peel off the cover label.  Choose the color foil paper you want to use and place it face down on the now revealed sticky portion of your picture.  Rub the back of the foil paper and slowly peel off.  It leaves the foil adhered to the sticky part of your picture. They come out really nice!  This is definitely for slightly older children or younger children with supervision.  We found that if we were not careful apply