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Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a review/giveaway I think you all will like! It is the Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case. It is actually a set of items to help you sleep.  Included in the Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case Set is a Pillow Case (we actually received two), a Cool Gel Eye Mask. 3 Spa Quality Aromatherapy Fragrances and Scent Diffusion Strips.

To Start off the pillow cases are so soft.  Have you ever found a fabric that was just so soft and comforting when you touched it?  Well, this is made of a fabric just that nice.

 From Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case:
It was designed by a Medical Doctor, Licensed Cosmetologist and a Personal Trainer to be the most comfortable pillow case you will ever own while protecting your skin.  The unique material blend helps eliminate stresses that are created while you sleep and, as a result, decrease the formation of sleep lines.  This is important as numerous medical studies have shown that sleep lines can become wrinkles.

Benefits of the Youth Perfect Spa Pillowcase:
Helps reduce sleep lines that lead to wrinkles
Soft Luxurious feel
Spa quality aromatherapy
Use with your favorite pillow
Machine washable
Great for home and travel
Helps protect your hair
Patent pending technologies
Designed by a Medical Doctor and Cosmetologist

The aromatherapy scents are Lavender, Eucalyptus and Vanilla.  These are all favorite scents of mine and all are a refreshing, calming fragrance.  The best part of this is the pillowcase has a small pocket where you can place a scent diffusion strip after you have applied your favorite scent.  Just apply a drop of your aromatherapy scent on the strip, slide it into the pocket and you are ready for a good night's sleep.  I am aware of how soothing a scent can be to help you sleep.  This is great because it supplies the scent right in your pillowcase.  The Eucalyptus and Lavender are my favorites!

Then of course there is the Cool Eye Gel Mask.  You may place this in your refrigerator and then wear it for about thirty minutes or so to help prevent puffy, tired looking eyes.  It feels wonderful, especially when my eyes are itching from allergies.

From Youth Perfect:
Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to health and overall well-being. And, as people age, adequate sleep is also important to protecting the youthful look of skin. Designed by a medical doctor and a licensed cosmetologist, YouthPerfect’s patent-pending YouthPerfect® Spa Pillowcase now offers the ultimate in sleeping luxury, designed for superior rest while actually working to reduce sleep lines that can become wrinkles. When sleeping on a regular pillowcase, facial skin can bunch to form creases – also known as sleep lines – overnight. As skin ages, it also becomes less resilient and these lines can start to create permanent wrinkles. With the YouthPerfect Spa Pillowcase, pressure points on skin are diminished for a restful, crease-free sleep.  “According to the American Academy of Dermatology, resting your face on a regular pillow every night leads to wrinkles. To prevent this, many experts recommend sleeping on your back – not the most natural or comfortable position for many of us,” said Dr. Stan Batiste, M.D., president and CEO of YouthPerfect. “The YouthPerfect Spa Pillowcase Is an ultra-soft, luxurious pillowcase designed to promote restful sleep in any position. Its frictionless and high-quality engineered material blend protects the skin against forming creases that can lead to permanent wrinkling.”

You can receive the Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case (2), Aromatherapy System and Gel Mask for $19.95 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.  You may visit their website HERE.

Do I recommend the Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case set?  Yes, and I will be using mine!  I think I will save the extra pillowcase for travel.  It should really help on the road sleeping in hotels.

Now, one neighbor will receive a Youth Perfect Spa Pillow Case set!  Be sure to enter and tell us how many hours a night you get of sleep.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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scottsgal said…
I like the eye mask. I try to get 7 hours of sleep a night
Nknouse22 said…
I like that it helps with sleep lines
Darlene said…
I usually get about 6 hrs. of sleep per night, I like the mask the best.
rubynreba said…
I like to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. I think the pillowcases look like they would be so soft!
Shelley P said…
I usually get 6 hrs of broken up sleep a night : ( I think the aromatherapy scents would help me the most.
Unknown said…
around 5 and the sleep mask
blessnel said…
I would love the pillow to sleep well - usually 8 hours.
Patricia N said…
Not enough hours - maybe 5 - 6. I think the eye mask would help.
Coolestmommy said…
I prefer 9 hours a night, but the reality of my life is that I get 7 hours.
I think the lavender aromatherapy would help me sleep.

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