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Vick's Behind Ear Gentle Thermometer

Hi Neighbors!

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I am presently sitting at a table in a McDonalds hoping my internet is back up soon!  Anyway, our next review item for the Baby Shower Event is the Vick's Behind Ear Gentle Thermometer.  I am going to tell you right now, this was a big hit with our mom to be.  She even had to use it the day after the baby shower on her mom!  Her mom knew she had received it as a gift and when she couldn't find her own she tried this one out!  It works GREAT!

The Vick's Behind Ear Thermometer is perfect for new moms and anyone else.  I remember the old days of using a rectal thermometer on babies.  Shortly after that we went digital, not a bad idea if you can keep your infant still long enough for it to register.  And what about just wanting to check on them during the night after they have been sick and you don't want to disturb their sleep?  In steps Vick's Behind Ear Gentle Thermometer.  Gently place the tip behind the ear, push the button and listen for the little beep.  You are done.  No hassle, no pain, and your child can actually sleep through you using the Vick's Behind Ear Thermometer.

Key Features:

Clinical Accuracy—Based upon professional standards.
Fast results—No need to wait to see if your child has a fever; get a
reading in just one second.
No-fuss measurement—Requires just a touch, not a swipe.
Fever InSight™—Color-coded screen display makes it easy to tell if
your child has a fever or not.
A GREEN display means no fever.
A YELLOW display means the temperature is slightly elevated.
A RED display signals a fever.
Memory system—Tracks and saves the last 8 measurements.
Easy-to-read—Designed with a large LCD display.
Built to last—Backed by a lifetime warranty under normal use.

You will find the thermometer at Walgreens, Walmart, Target and other stores with a suggested retail price of $30-$49.99.

What a SUPER gift this will make for an expectant mother!  Any mother for that matter will appreciate receiving a gift like this.

One neighbors will receive a Vick's Behind Ear Thermometer.  Hurry up and enter!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Sandra VanHoey said…
The daughter I live with has an oral digital thermometer, not sure of the brand but that is what she uses for my grandson
AubreyLaine said…
I use a cheap rectal themometer from The First Years, I believe.
Nancy said…
We use an old fashioned oral thermometer.

Coolestmommy said…
We use a digital but have been wanting one of these. So much easier.
bettycd said…
Oral digital one that beeps when it has the temperature - it's been around for a few years now
rubynreba said…
We have one that we use on the forehead.
Colleen Maurina said…
We have an old small digital thermometer.
Olivia R said…
The palm of my hand. Yeah we need a thermometer
I have a digital thermometer, thanks for this giveaway!
ShellyH said…
We use a digital oral thermometer but would love a non oral one due to epilepsy in the family
We have a digital thermometer
blessnel said…
A manual traditional one.
Olivia R said…
Yeah, I use the palm of my hand. We need a thermometer that's more scientific than that!
Jessica said…
We have one of those digital stick ones that literally takes five minutes to read my child, and you can imagine how tortuous that can be for a child to sit still that long when they are not feeling well! Thank you for the giveaway!
TheAtticGirl said…
I have a digital oral thermometer but would love one like this!
We don't have one and we need one
Unknown said…
oral digital thermometer
michedt said…
Right now we use a oral digital thermometer.
Michelle Tucker

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