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Three Advantages of a Water Softener

Hello Neighbors!

Hard water contains extra minerals and metals that make life problematic for about 85 percent of Americans, the Virginia Cooperative Extension estimates. It’s no wonder so many homeowners have turned to water softeners to eliminate these difficulties.
Water softeners dilute mineral concentrations in water, which offer the following three advantages. If you like what you see, you may consider seeking out a water softener in Youngstown.

1. Cleaner Dishes

One of the great downfalls of hard water is what it does to your cleaning efforts. Clothes and dishes cleaned in hard water sport white streaks, spots, and a soapy residue that can lead to poor taste. Water softeners decrease mineral content in water, allowing for cleaner dishes and softer clothes.
This also holds true in bathrooms, where hard water leaves a soapy deposit that requires more frequent cleaning.

2. Faster Water Heating

If you’re getting tired of waiting for the water to heat up in the shower or at the bathroom sink, a water softener can help. According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, water softeners improve water heater efficiency by 22% for electric heaters and 29%for gas-powered heaters.
Not only does that give you hot water faster, it decreases your utilities bills over time.

3. Longer Appliance Lifespans

Water softeners also have a financial advantage: they can increase your appliance lifespan by a measurable amount.
Without a water softener, hard water causes mineral buildup in appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. This decreases efficiency and shortens overall lifespan. By contrast, a water softener keeps your appliances clean, sleek, and efficient. This conserves energy and raw materials, making water softeners an environmental savior as well.

Finding a Water Softener

If hard water has made life miserable, it’s time to find a water softener in Youngstown. Start by consulting online listings and comparing selling prices through shopping aggregators like Google Shopping.

You may also want to hire someone to install the water softener to ensure everything is done properly. This will cost you some extra money, but the improvement in your quality of life and knowledge that the water softener was installed correctly will be worth it.

This is a guest post for my neighbors benefit.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post in part by Bucks2Blog.


Crystal said…
Thanks for the info - hard water is a pain to deal with! I get tired of having to scrub the build-up off my shower head!
KwaterTreatment said…
Hard water is definitely a pain to deal with! Every day I'm grateful for water softeners

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