Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Puppy Products for Bringing Home a New Puppy

Hi Neighbors,

Bringing a new puppy home is so exciting, until they leave you a puddle or pile somewhere that they shouldn’t. It is important to make the necessary preparations for a new puppy before you bring them home. There are some puppy products that will make your and their transition much easier on both of you.

One or Two Puppies?

Hi Neighbors! 

Something to keep in mind is that most likely this puppy has had quite a few siblings to hang out with since he or she was born. Bringing them home to a kennel and isolation will only lead to lots of whining and crying that keeps you up at night. There are advantages to bringing home two puppies instead of just one. Two tend to keep each other company when you have to leave or are asleep. Everything is doubly expensive though because you now have to pay for two veterinarian appointments when they need vaccinations or medications. When you have two dogs, they tend to rely on each other a little more and don’t bond with their owner as much as they would if they were an only dog.

Potty Training, Toys, and Food

You will need absorbent pads to put down when you are potty training them as well as disinfectants to sanitize the area when they have accidents. Puppies need puppy food because they are growing so fast and have different needs than the they would if they were an adult dog. Puppies love to chew on anything they can get between their teeth. You will have to train them on what is appropriate to chew on and what is not. Having plenty of puppy chew toys available to them will make it easier on both of you. Because they have just been weaned, they aren’t used to dry food and you will have to soften their food with water until they are a little older and can tolerate dry food better.

Kennel Training

Training a puppy to a kennel is helpful for quite a few reasons. They will have some place to go when they feel overwhelmed and when they need to be protected from visitors or when visitors need to be protected from them. Other puppy products include bedding, blankets, and an outside doghouse if needed.

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