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Some More Super Duper Games!

Hey neighbors!

Here are two more Super Duper products that are simply SUPER!  Both games I received are educational and fun!  The first one is Just For Laughs.  This one I had to set down a rule that they were not allowed to sit there and just read the jokes!  The second is called, Vocabulary Chipper Chat.

As I said above I did have to keep them from going through and reading all the jokes in Just For Laughs.  This one is designed for ages 8 and up or grades 3 and above.  The introduction states that one of the most difficult things to understand when learning a new language is the jokes or humor.  Often times jokes rely on particular words or phrases that have more than one meaning in a language.  So, Just For Laughs uses this to teach different meanings for the phrases and explains why each joke is funny.  While playing they are also learning!

Here is an example:
Q: Do you know why the waffle iron was invented?
A: Sure! For people with wrinkled waffles.

The joke is on the front of the card, along with a cute illustration.  Then on the back of the card is where the learning begins.
1. What are two meanings for the word "iron" in this joke?
*an appliance for making waffles
*an appliance for smoothing clothes

2. Which meaning of iron do you think of when you hear, "Do you know why the waffle iron was invented?"
*an appliance for making waffles

3. Which meaning of iron do you think of when you hear "wrinkled waffles"?
*an appliance for ironing clothes

4. Why is the joke funny?
*The question asks about a device for making waffles (a waffle iron), but the answer is about trying to smooth out wrinkles on a waffle (using a clothes iron).

Here is what is in your tin:
100 illustrated cards
100 smile tokens
Information Booklet

The joke cards are in three colors.  Blue deal with individual words, Green is phrases and Pink is sentences. Decide which ones you want to work with and shuffle the cards and lay them face up on the table.  Choose a card an show the picture to the player/child and read the joke to them.  Have them guess why the joke is funny.  After they have explained turn the card over and read the explanation. Have him/her answer the four questions.  If they answer correctly look at the corner of the card where there is a number one or two.  If they answer correctly they receive that many smile tokens.  The student/player with the most tokens at the end of the game wins!  This game will also help expand your child's vocabulary.

Vocabulary Chipper Chat is a different type of game, but still teaches language lessons.  The game comes with 60 colorfully illustrated category game surfaces, 30 double sided boards.  You also receive 360 vocabulary prompt cards, foam die, 100 magnetic chips and a magnetic wand.

I like this one because it teaches so many different lessons.  There are twelve vocabulary categories.
  • Analogies
  • Associations
  • Attributes
  • Categories
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Context Clues
  • Figurative Language
  • Functions
  • Homonyms
  • Homophones
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Verbs

Did you ever have trouble remembering the difference between a Homonym, Synonym and an Antonym?  This game will really help!  Your child of course!  There are a couple of game variations you can play that are described in the instruction book.

Here is a sample from the verbs cards.  The teacher will compare all the students reports to see which one is the best.  What does compare mean? *To study the similarities and differences between things.

These two games have won awards!
Many parents are in the market for educational enhancements like card decks, workbooks and games that extend learning beyond the classroom walls. But how do you choose among the thousands of products on store shelves and online? Look to The National Parenting Center (TNPC), where independent testing by knowledgeable authorities and parents give their seal of approval on a select group of today's must-have items. The judges awarded half a dozen honors to educational tools with whimsical names like Just For Laughs and Vocabulary Chipper Chat as not just super but super duper!

Super Duper Publications warehouse of learning tools was for 27 years only available to therapists, teachers and special needs professionals. Only recently were their products made available to the consumer market, but I think it’s fair to say you’ll be hearing much more from them. In a rare feat, TNPC awarded six Spring 2013 Seal of Approval for every product Super Duper Publications submitted for review. To win a Seal of Approval, "the testers are encouraged to play with, build, read about, and judge by the reactions of the children, each product's quality." And after eight weeks of play testing, TNPC reviewers were not short on praise.

Now because I had some internet problems we had to start this giveaway a little late so it is only going to run  for 10 days.  Be sure to enter and you will have a choice of Super Duper games to choose from.  The winner may choose either one of the ones we reviewed, or Ring Bling, Super Duper Story Maker App, WH Question Card Apps, or Which One Doesn't Belong.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are tasken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Coolestmommy said…
I learned that they have an entire section of products for autism and information about autism.
Miranda said…
I learned that there are all types of subjects covered
Colleen Maurina said…
I learned that for the past 27 years they have been making hundreds of creative, colorful educational and therapy materials that you and your children will love.
AMY said…
I learned that they make bilingual products.

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