Monday, June 10, 2013

More Baby Shower Games!

Hi Neighbors!

Here are a couple more Baby Shower Games!  This is one of the games I won!  You have a roll or two of toilet paper, yes, toilet paper.  Each person pulls off the amount of squares they think it will take to go around mom to be's belly!  This gets pretty interesting.  You can not touch her, only look.  It was funny to watch people guessing!  Each person counts the squares they took and writes down how many they took.  After everyone is done, mom to be measures her belly and and gives the amount of squares it takes to reach around her tummy.  It took 11 1/2 and I took 11!  Closest without going over wins!

Another "game" they played, was they had designed little blue baby diapers out of napkins and filled them with dinner mints and placed them on a serving tray.  The catch is, one was dirty!  They had mushed a piece of chocolate inside.  The person who chooses the dirty diaper wins.  You can not try to look inside, you just pick one.  Yep, you guessed it, I won this one too!

Last game for this post.  Each person takes a turn being blindfolded while sitting at a table.  You place a large mixing bowl in front of them.  Scatter a bag of cotton balls in front of the bowl and hand them a ladle.  They need to put as many cotton balls as they can in the bowl.  They can only use the ladle.  No touching with their hands.  It gets pretty interesting.

That's all for now!  See you soon At the Fence!


blessnel said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun!

Mary said...

I have been to several baby showers lately and they have had some of the cutest games.