Friday, June 7, 2013

Math Mammoth

Hey Neighbors!

Looking for a good math program?  You might want to check out Math Mammoth.  Through the TOS Crew I was recently able to review 4 of their titles from their Blue Series.  I received Money (Grades 1-3), Multiplication 2 (Grade 4), Early Geometry (Grades 1-30 and Percent (Grades 6-8). The PDF download prices range from $2.75-$4.25.  This is very reasonable for a download you can use for all your children.

I needed a few materials to sharpen the girl's skills in specific areas.  Math Mammoth gave me the opportunity to do this.  You can choose an entire series from them, or you can pick and choose the areas your child needs improvement in.  You can choose the PDF downloads, wise if you have several children and may be using them over and over again, or you can choose the physical books.  The physical books of course cost a little more and are harder to share with siblings.

This was so easy to use.  They have a free assessment available for you to find out exactly where your child needs help.  There are also samples available so you can get an idea of how the curriculum works and you can see what is included in a subject.

Personally I believe this is an easy way to help your child improve their math skills without investing in a full curriculum.  My daughters mainly needed to strengthen their skills and this was a perfect way to do that.  Another nice thing about the downloads is, you can type  right in them.  Yes, I know there is a special name for this.  Enabled for Annotating, how is that!

Here is a video describing the origin of Math Mammoth:

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blessnel said...

I like that they have assessment tests to see where your child is weak and modify the learning accordingly!