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Is Your Child Really ADD/ADHD?

Hey Neighbors!

This is sort of a pet peeve of mine, so be prepared.  When the subject of ADD/ADHD comes up I have a tendency to open my mouth before thinking.  Yes, I do believe there are children out there who are truly ADD/ADHD, but I really believe way to many children are being labeled ADD/ADHD and being placed on medication, when in reality, they are just not being trained/raised properly, or they are not getting enough physical activity.  Many times what is labeled ADD/ADHD is just a child having some energy that needs to be focused somewhere else.

We knew a young boy who was in foster care with some dear friends of ours.  He was born to a drug addicted mother and went through withdrawal after his birth.  This family took him in as a foster child and eventually adopted him.  He was ADD and it was obvious.  He was placed on medication for quite some time.  They did learn other ways to help control his behavior and amazingly enough sometimes all they had to do was give him activities that used up some of his extra energy.

I personally had the opportunity to homeschool him one summer when he was 7.  He was off medication during this time.  Was it easy?  No, but we kept our times of learning to small periods of time with plenty of exercise and play in between.  Just by watching him, I could tell when his attention was beginning to wander and was able to plan around this.  We had a GREAT summer and he loved to visit our home.

Some children truly do need some form of help.  Just make sure you are not dealing with a boy who is just being a boy or a girl with a high energy level.  Too many times we are quick to label a behavior ADD or ADHD just because they require a little more effort or maybe we get embarrassed by their behavior.  Take time to read up on as much information as you can, especially before placing your child on a medication.  Get a second opinion if you have any doubts.  Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion with you.  Feel free to leave a comment!

This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Patricia N said…
Thanks for the thoughtful post. I do think medication is overused. I've volunteered at my children's school for years, and it's scary how many children (mainly boys) are on ADD or ADHD medication.

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