Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Your Orthodontist Wants You to Floss with Braces

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If you have braces, it is vitally important that you floss daily, but many people leave flossing out of their dental hygiene regimen because they don’t know how to do it. Rather than allow decay and gum disease to plague your teeth, here is the way your orthodontists in San Antonio recommend that you floss your teeth.

Floss Threader

If you were to floss your teeth without a floss threader, the floss would only reach the bottom of your braces. You would completely leave out your gums, one of the most important parts of flossing. A floss threader is a tool that allows you to get the floss above your braces to that you can floss correctly. Your orthodontist should have provided you with a floss threader when you first got your braces. If you lost the threader, your orthodontist can provide you with another or it can be purchased over-the-counter as well.


To floss, all you have to do is insert your floss into the open loop of the floss threader. Then you insert the pointed end of the threader underneath the arch wire of the tooth that you are trying to floss. Pull the threader through until the floss is under the arch wire of your braces.
 Now, you have to remove the floss threader so that you still leave your floss under your braces. This can be done by holding one end of the floss while pulling out the other end of the floss.
Finally, slide the floss through your teeth, making sure to gently bring the floss up to your gums. You should repeat this process for each space between your teeth that you have braces. It will help to reduce decay so your smile will be shiny and white when you get your braces off.

Stiff Dental Floss

If it is too time consuming for you to floss your teeth with a floss threader, you may find that stiff dental floss might work better for you. With stiff floss, it is easy to thread the floss in between the arch wire of your braces and your teeth.

If flossing is hard for you to do with braces, talk to the orthodontists in San Antonio. They can help you learn how to correctly floss your teeth.

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Anonymous said...

I too have flossed my teeth the same way as it is described in the blog. I too have applied braces to my teeth one year before.
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Caleb Hart said...

I didn't know that you should be flossing like this when you have braces. My daughter just got her braces put on. She looks fine, but I'm worried about the health of her teeth. Hopefully she can get some of these threaders and start flossing correctly.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad that you shared this because I didn't know that floss threaders can be purchased over-the-counter. It's such an easy tool for me to misplace, and I hate not flossing. I know that a lot of folks think it's a pain because of the extra time it takes, but I agree that in the end it's definitely worth the extra effort. Which kind of stiff floss do you recommend for flossing without a threader? I've never thought to try that and suspect that my floss isn't stiff enough.