Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Infographics Can Contribute to SEO

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Search engine optimization should be a large part of your online marketing strategy. SEO helps improve your company’s ranking on natural search engine results, linking your site to customers looking for keywords that are relevant to your services, products, and industry. Blogging, social media pages, and maps provide great boosts to SEO, but have you considered using infographics? While images themselves do not contribute a whole lot to SEO, infographics can produce big results when used correctly. Using OrangeSoda infographics, or those provided to your business through other online marketing companies, can ensure positive results.

What Are Infographics?
Infographics take information or data that may be complex, difficult to explain or understand, or rather bland alone and uses graphics to make it more accessible. A good infographic will portray the information in a way that is both easily comprehended and eye-catching. Infographics can portray a variety of information, from the best composition of a sandwich, to the number of deaths in the United States from firearms, to holiday sales trends in electronics. If the content has a tendency to be bland, focus on creating an infographic that is fun and engaging, or for more serious content, try making it more relatable.

How Infographics Build SEO
So if images do not add to SEO, why would an infographic? First, well designed infographics attract customers and traffic to your site. If the person finds the infographic interesting and valuable enough, they will link back to it, whether on their own blog, site, or social media page. Links help build SEO. The more links you have to your site, the more it tells the search engine that your page is recommendable and a source for trustworthy information. Infographics are also easily sharable on social media pages such as Facebook, and, if popular enough, are even capable of going viral.
As long as the infographic is properly linked to the domain you desire to experience an increase of SEO, you should begin to see results. Part of obtaining these results, however, is being sure to promote your infographic yourself, such as on company blogs and social media pages. Infographics provide further space for branding as well, which, if tastefully done, can promote further knowledge of your company. It is important to note that infographics should contain content that is relevant to your site. Abusing the system can result in your site being banned from the search engine, rather than an increase in rankings. In this way, infographics require research and time to ensure you are providing interesting, yet relevant content to your customers. For some companies, choosing OrangeSoda infographics or other online marketing companies is most beneficial for saving the time and effort required for successful SEO.

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