Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keep Your Home Dry and Avoid Foundation Repair

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Your home is your castle. It was an investment that you worked hard to get and that you work hard to keep. Part of this home/homeowner relationship means keeping your home in good repair. Perhaps the most important system of your house is its base: the foundation. You may have a simple slab foundation or a basement system, but your house more or less relies on its foundation for everything. One of the biggest dangers to your home’s foundation is moisture. Just like the Grand Canyon, simple water can wear out and reshape everything over time, and your cement foundation is all in a days work for a good storm. If your home is already damaged, then get foundation repair in San Antonio pronto, but by paying simple attention to your home you should be able to avoid the worst-case scenario.

The Danger of Water

Keeping your foundation dry is an important way to prevent cracks and other damages. Wet soil is soft soil. This means that a house and its foundation can sink deeper and faster into wet soil. If your house’s weight is not distributed perfectly evenly, or if the ground isn’t saturated evenly, you could find yourself with a very lopsided house or a shattered foundation. More commonly, this water could simply get into your house through any cracks in the foundation. Not only is that damage costly, but if the moisture freezes during the winter, it can exasperate the damage dramatically, perhaps ruining the entire structure.

Tell-tale Signs

Luckily, noticing water isn’t hard to do. A simple walk around your house will let you know how bad your standing water situation is. You have a few options for how to prevent this. Rain gutters were designed to prevent this sort of thing from happening, but collecting all the rainwater and depositing it away from the house. Always check to make sure your gutters are clear and working properly. However, if you simply have poor drainage around your house, you may need to engage in some serious landscaping to fix the problem. Of course, if there is water damage or water inside your basement or crawl spaces that is not the result of faulty plumbing, you can assume that damage has already been done. In that case, you need foundation repair in San Antonio ASAP.

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