Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Bee Haven Dream Feeder

Hi Neighbors!

I know I have said this more than once during the Baby Shower Event, but I sure wish some of these companies had been around when I was pregnant and having babies!  Baby Bee Haven is one of those companies.  We received their Dream Feeder ($24.99) for review and boy did it bring back memories.

How many of you have ever tried to prop a pillow under your arm so you were comfortable while nursing?  I did!  I was constantly trying to find a comfortable position where the baby was resting comfortably and where my arm would not fall asleep or be too uncomfortable.  Well, I now have a solution!  Baby Bee Haven's Dream Feeder!

Just take a look at this product.  It will velcro directly to your arm and you can face it either up to pillow the baby's head, or down so you can rest your arm on it.  The pillow itself is made of a high quality memory foam.  (Do not allow baby to sleep on this pillow.)  The material is nice and soft!  Now, what new mom would not like to have one of these on hand!

A little about Baby Bee Haven:
Hi there! I’m Heather, a working mother with two young girls. I did not attend school for business or marketing. Creating the Baby-Beehaven product line has been an incredible adventure for me. I sincerely hope you will enjoy following Baby-Beehaven as we develop products that make our lives as parents easier and our babies happier.

After much online research, I realized that no such product existed. An idea was born for the See ‘n Store™ stroller organizer with media holder. This idea now has spawned an entire line of products to make parents’ lives easier and more relaxed. Four years later, I am proud and excited to share our products with you. Each Baby-Beehaven product has evolved from my own personal experiences and needs—concepts that I wanted in a product but could not find in the general marketplace. The Baby-Beehaven product line is created by a mommy for mommies, daddies, and of course, for our little ones, too. This is why I know you will find them as useful and essential as I have!

Heather Prattas
Queen Bee
President, Baby Bee-Haven, LLC

Baby Bee Haven has many other unique and helpful items for moms.  Be sure to check out their website as one neighbor will receive any one of the products available on Baby Bee Haven's site.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Pinterest to stay up-to-date with their latest news!  If you are interested in any of their other items, make sure you watch the Swingin' Smart and See 'n Store videos on Youtube.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive product for review purposes. All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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ShellyH said...

I would select the stroller organizer. Very cool & much needed product!

Coolestmommy said...

I would get the Swingin' Smart as we live 2 blocks from a park with those bucket swings that are filthy!

Dawn said...

I think I would pick the see n store or the push and go for girls.

Rhian said...

I think I'd pick the Swingin' Go

MamaStace said...

Think I'd select the Cush N Go


Patricia Wojnar Crowley said...

I'd choose the Cush n Go!

blessnel said...

I need the dream feeder!

Unknown said...

I would love the swingin smart!

Anne N. said...

I would love to try the dream feeder as I have a 3 month old!

michedt said...

I'd pick the see n store.
Michelle Tucker

Teresa Thompson said...

Dream Feeder.

Jamie Knupp said...

i would pick the dream feeder

Unknown said...

stroller organizer

cman said...

Baby Bee Haven's Dream Feeder.