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AEROMAX Astronaut Spacepack Super Soaker Water Blaster!

Hey Neighbors!

We have recently had some really hot weather here.  And what better way to cool off than with a water fight!  Aeromax has some really SUPER Super Soaking Water Blasters!  We received and Astronaut Spacepack ($15.95), but there is another style, the Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose.

From Aeromax:

What a blast kids will have when they can shoot aliens (or next-door pals) with a
30-foot blast of water. This space pack holds a liter of water and can shoot water in
two directions at once, or choose the more traditional single straight-on stream.
Strap on the space pack – on top of other space gear or while still wearing pajamas
-- and have a blast indoors or out. Like all Aeromax products, attention to detail is
paramount with pretend pressure and instrument panels along with adjustable black
straps. The modestly priced shooter can be played with or without water for
priceless galactic role-playing.

Now, My children LOVE a really good water fight!  We often have water ballon fights, but it is always difficult to have enough when eight people are playing.  Not to mention we have some very competitive players, mainly the males, but it does run over into the feminine side.  So, having a Super Soaking Water Blaster where you carry your water supply with you is perfect!  The Astronaut Spacepack can actually shoot water over 30 feet.

Now a really neat feature on the Astronaut Spacepack is, when you pull the trigger the TWO nozzles on the end separate and you can shoot in two directions at once!  My daughter thinks this is WONDERFUL!  You can shoot around a corner even.

Check out the little video clip below!

She also had fun watering my plants with the Astronaut Pack.  it goes have straps to wear it on your back, but she liked it hanging from her arm!  It is easier to remove and fill that way!  and when she is waging a battle with her brothers, speed is important.

You can find the Astronaut Spacepack Super Soaker Water Blaster on the Aeromax website!  Also be sure to "LIKE" their Facebook page, so you will stay updated on new toys and gear from Aeromax.  Be sure to check out all their great products for summer fun!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Unknown said…
Going to be close to 100 degrees here today, would love to have a set of these and have a water gun fight with my granddaughter, these look like fun and your boys sure are enjoying them, I like that you include your family in your reviews and that they are happy and smiling while playing with the guns, I think that is great
J Rodney said…
What a fun toy, I bet this would make a great birthday gift for my son.

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