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Wagner Hand-held Flexio 590 Sprayer Kit! Beautiful!

Hi Neighbors!

I received the Wagner Flexio 590 for review and I am so HAPPY!  This is going to make my summer GREAT!  The Flexio 590 is an indoor/outdoor Hand-held Sprayer that is definitely going to make my deck look nicer.

Before I give you all the technical details, I want to tell you I have used this to re-paint some of our outdoor rockers, and I have a few other projects planned, including staining the deck.  We really were not looking forward to staining the deck by painting by hand, and after using the Flexio 590 on the rockers, I know it is going to be much easier.

To begin with, I LOVE to paint!  My dad painted homes for several years, and occasionally I was allowed to join in.  Maybe that is part of the reason I like painting, but over the years I have re-painted several rooms and pieces of furniture.

The Flexio 590 comes with it's own carrying case.  I like that because I will be the one using it and I will put it away and know where it is!  In a family of 8, things often get misplaced!  This set comes with a Detail Finishing Nozzle.

The Flexio 590 was so easy to use.  Here you can see all the pieces, except for the little cleaning brush and small tube of oil for lubricating the seal. They are in there, just hard to see.

This is where you attach your nozzle.

 The dial above allows you to choose your air power. For painting the chairs we set the dial to a 4.  When we do the deck we will probably choose a 6 or 7.

 Below is the nozzle, which also has settings to adjust the spray shape and the width.  Quite handy!  they even include a poster with spray patterns so you can practice.

 Alright, I have my new toy out and ready to go.  All I need is my bargain paint, a pretty pink and we can get started. First I stirred my paint well and added enough to the container to do two chairs.  I then secure the top with the nozzle back on.

After that is done I attach the nozzle to the X-Boost Turbine, make sure it locks into place, plug it in and head for the rockers!

From Wagner:

The new iSpray® nozzle has a patented shaped opening that provides up to 60 percent more airflow to break up thick paints to provide a more even and consistent coverage. The unique needle-nozzle design also increases efficiency by 30 percent, which helps get every job done more quickly. The iSpray nozzle produces a slightly stippled, almost roller-like finish with today’s thicker paints, perfect for interior walls, and has the flexibility to spray thinner coatings with a smoother finish. The Detail Fine Finish nozzle is ideal for more intricate projects.

FLEXiO is designed to provide the power and flexibility to spray all coatings from a light-bodied stain to unthinned latex with minimal overspray. “The breakthrough technologies we’re introducing on the new FLEXiO hand-held sprayers make it one of the most versatile tools for DIYer’s that are seeking a professional finish on their painting projects,” says Arti Lyde, product director, Wagner SprayTech. “Plus, it’s really fun to use this sprayer and control the power we’ve engineered into it.”

The 1.5 quart cup holds enough paint to cover up to 125 square feet per fill and can easily be switched out for quick color changes or material changes. Prep work only requires basic masking so ceilings, cabinets, doors, and broad interior surfaces can now be sprayed faster, with better coverage, and without the tedious effort of a manual brush or roller.

I will confess something else here, I love bargains and such.  I purchased a clearance gallon of paint for my rockers, $5.  I really like this next feature I am going to tell you about.  Partially pulling the trigger allows you to start the turbine without actually spraying paint.  Position the sprayer approx. 6 inches away from the surface you are going to paint and you are ready to go.  I tried first, and then I allowed my teenage daughter to help too!  This made painting so quick and easy.  We were able to finish the rockers in a fraction of the time we would have needed if we painted them with a paint brush.  

Cleaning up was pretty easy too, because I used a latex based paint.  I was able to run some warm soapy water through the Flexio 590 sprayer, use the small brush to clean the nozzle, re-lubricate the seal and I am ready for my next project.

Do I recommend the Wagner Flexio 590?  I sure do!  This will really assist you with your spring and summer painting projects!  Look at my rockers for the deck!

A little more information:

FLEXiO Sprayer:
·         X-Boost Turbine is three times more powerful than traditional HVLP sprayers
·         Adjustable turbine speed for precise material selection
·         iSpray® nozzle  with 1.5 quart wide mouth cup sprays all residential paints unthinned
·         Detail Fine Finish nozzle for intricate projects and fine finishing 
·         Covers up to 125 square feet per fill

I think I might do another post after my next project!  What do you think?  See you soon At the Fence!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive product for review purposes. All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


BethElderton said…
Right this minute I am taking a break from painting my new (older home) kitchen and have speckles of paint all over my arms! Soon I am planning to paint a dresser and nightstand for our spare room. Wow--I need one of these!
this looks like an awesome tool for painting. I may have to invest in this product. I paint almost every other day but with hand painting, as I create my art work that I sell. I am about to tackle a bigger painting project though and paint my concrete patio area a with a stenciled stone look that requires spraying it on and this item sure beats using spray cans. great review, thanks about alerting us to this companys products

Those rockers look beautiful! Hope you all are doing well.


This looks simple enough, so I think I would be able to do this also.
Donna George said…
I am painting my home inside and out this summer. This would make it much easier!
Unknown said…
Did you use the regular or detail finish sprayer for the rocking chairs??
Elizabeth said…
This post is so informative and makes a very nice image on the topic in my mind. It is the first time I visit your blog, but I was extremely impressed. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday! Click here

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