Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thunderstorms and Mini Flashlights!

Hi Neighbors!

Well, I think we finally made it to spring, but now we are experiencing thunderstorms!  Of course today it is extremely cold again, but the storms have me wondering, how prepared are you for when these type of storms hit?  My husband is a flashlight collector!  If there is a new style of flashlight at a good price he almost always gets at least one.  We have had crank flashlights, huge flashlights, heavy-duty flashlights and of course the Mini Flashlights.  Now I personally like having a mini flashlight in my purse and at least one in the vehicle, especially on trips.  One of the storms we had recently our power flickered on and off a few times, so I figure it is time to start making sure we have the flashlights in working order.  You know they all actually turn on and work!

I also like to have bottled water, candles, matches, and of course food that does not have to be cooked.  I hate to have a storm hit and have to run around looking for things when the power goes out.  I want these items kept in a certain place so we have them when the need arises.

Do you prepare ahead of time for the storm season?  What do you try to have on hand?  Leave a comment and let us know what you do to be prepared.

See you soon At the Fence!


carolynishis said...

We do prepare for storms and outages. I keep our candles and lighters and wind-up radio in a certain area.

rubynreba said...

Lots of great pointers! Thanks. We have a wind up flashlight that we keep right by our bed and this has come in very handy. Also try to keep several candles nearby.

Madonna said...

we had 2 big storms here in southern WV last year that took out the power so because of that I got into prepping. I have starting doing the 72 hr kits and a few other things along the way.