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Radz Has Gone Wild!

Hey Neighbors!

Remember the Radz we previously reviewed?  Now Radz has gone WILD!  They have some really cute animals in their collection now.  We received Spanky the Monkey and Squeak the penguin.  They are adorable and the girls really like them!

So easy to fill with the candy and then dispense.  Just twist and remove their hair and then fill the little whole with the Radz candies.  They look so cute sticking out their tongues with a pice of candy on the end!

If you remember our previous review Radz dispense candy.  They clip on to your pocket, backpack, belt loop etc. so they can travel around with you.  Each Radz character comes with a special code to enter on their website so you can access free Apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.   There are games to play that are fun and easy!

 Priced from $3.99-$5.99 these are sure to become favorites.  You can collect all of them!  Along with the two we received, there is also Scratch the Tiger and Bandit the Zebra.

Our Radz are traveling with us!  Perfect to take along on our summer adventures, be sure to grab a Radz or two to join in on your summer fun whether you are taking a day trip or heading across the country, your child can enjoy taking their favorite Radz character with them.

About Radz:

Radz Brands provides fans of all ages with the world’s first interactive toy, candy, and online
experience. Each collectable novelty toy candy dispenser in Radz’s line of over 250 characters comes
with its own package of tasty Radz candy and access to RadzWorld, Radz’s online entertainment portal
where fans can watch videos, play games, and more. At Radz Brands, we’re all about making happy
memories! We’re dedicated to providing fans of all ages with a fun, engaging, and safe experience
through our Radz candy dispensers, Radz candy, and our interactive online portal, RadzWorld. Radz
candy is produced in North America and is gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher certified. Visit their
website at

They even went with us to breakfast!

I still think our favorite Radz game in the Arcade is Peps Peak.  My daughter enjoys games like this as Pep skis down the hill and has to avoid rocks, trees and other obstacles while collecting the coins.

One neighbor will get to choose 2 Radz Gone Wild characters!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I received product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I like Jaxon and Scratch
Unknown said…
My granddaughter want Bandit and ALexis Radz candy dispensers...
Coolestmommy said…
I think I'd get Twig and Bubbs. (But Scorch is pretty cool, too.)
Unknown said…
scratch and bandit
Anonymous said…
my son would love jaxon and scratch thanks for this chance
Shelley P said…
I like Spanky and Squeak.
cman said…
Spanky and Squeak.
opalbaker said…
Bandit the Zebra is my choice.

michedt said…
I'd choose spanky and squeak.
Michelle Tucker

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