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Rachel Ray's Nutrish Zero Grain! Healthy Food for Your Dog!

Hey Neighbors!

As many of you may have read in a previous post we have puppies!  We had two Sheltie (Shetland Sheep Dog) pups born on Monday, May 6th.  Their mom, Pansy is presently eating Rachel Ray's Nutrish Zero Grain Turkey and Potato Recipe.  (We received it for review and she really likes it!)  We want her to be eating healthy both for herself and of course the puppies!

Rachel Ray's Nutrish Zero Grain, is just as the name states Zero Grains.  It also has no glutens, fillers, poultry by-product meat and zero artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  I think they are eating better than I do!

We received some grains to make our own Zero Grain poster.  My daughter did ours with glitter glue!

Here is what you will find in the Zero Grain:
Real Turkey-Raised on US farms, this is the first ingredient.  It is lean, easily digestible and may help to provide relief from many food allergy symptoms.
Turkey Meal-The second ingredient, provides essential amino acids and B vitamins to help maintain lean muscle and healthy organs.  Turkey Meal is also a natural source of Glucosamine and Chrondroitin to help support joint health.
Whole Potatoes, Peas and Tapioca-these are easily digestible vegetable carbohydrate sources.  Tapioca has no known food allergens.
Beet Pulp-A wholesome fiber source that naturally provides prebiotics to help maintain digestive health.
Whole Flaxseed and Poultry Fat-This allows dogs to get protein from fat instead of grains.  They are also naturally rich sources of Omega-6 and -3 fatty acids, which help to keep skin healthy and coat shiny.

You can find the Zero Grain in many grocery stores, as well as Wamart.  Average retail price for a 6 lb. bag is $11.99 and $14.99 for the 14 lb. bag.

Pansy is enjoying hers!  She eats one piece at a time.  She has always done this, and it is actually very funny to watch!  She takes one pice from her dish walks away, sits down to eat it, and then goes back for another!   You can see Pansy and her pups in the pictures!

What do you feed your dogs?  Are you particular about what they eat?  Would you be interested in trying Rachel Ray's Nutrish Zero Grain Dog food?  If so be sure to enter this giveaway!

One neighbor will receive a bag of Nutrish Zero Grain to try themselves.  Be sure to enter!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Darlene said…
No we feed them what we think they will like. We do look to see that meat products come first on the list of what is in the food.
Amanda Rauch said…
We used to buy our dogs the Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food because she had it formulated for her dog, which is a pitbull and that is what we have. But, it just got too expensive. We have two pitbulls, one is 110lbs and one is 70lbs. They eat a lot of food. so now we feed them Purina dog chow, which they really seem to like. I just wish her dog food wasn't so expensive!
Patricia N said…
Yes. We feed them Wellness or Nutro, but I've heard good things about Nutrish, though!
Nknouse22 said…
My dogs will eat any dog food
DShope said…
I'm not too particular and they are no fussy at all!
Marti Tabora said…
I try to buy healthy dog food, but it does get a little expensive. I will sometimes mix the good stuff with the kind that is a little less pricey.
Coolestmommy said…
I prefer to buy brands that are all natural without so many fillers. This looks like excellent dog food that I'd like to try.
Marti Tabora said…
I pinned the post.
cman said…
I usually use what I know they'll like and try something new every once n a while.
Shelley P said…
Yes, I read the ingredients and avoid corn and by-products. I also only buy USA made products for the dogs (treats, chews, food).
Pam said…
Yes. I don't by the most expensive dog food, but I do try to get them nutritious dog food.

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