Friday, May 3, 2013

Kick Back and Play with Little Tykes and Purex

Hi Neighbors!

Here is a Sweepstakes you don't want to miss! Purex and Little Tykes are getting together for a really GREAT Sweepstakes!  You could possibly win a Little Tykes Playground, a Washer and Dryer from LG or a years supply of Purex!

I can just imagine the fun children could have playing on this Little Tykes Playground!  They can swing or have an adventure with their friends.  In the sandbox they can build cities and towns, find buried treasure or work construction.  They can climb the rope ladder to board their ship to explore the oceans or they can do what my children loved to do on a set like this, play tag!

And I don't know a single mom that would turn down a new washer and dryer!  If you have children, you need a washer and dryer just to keep up!  We would really be stuck with a family of eight if we lost our washer and dryer.  When we were on the road we had to make due with laundromats.  Not fun at all!

What would your child do with a playset like this?  What type of adventures would they plan?  Be sure to share with us in the comments!  Then be sure to visit and enter!

See you soon At the Fence!

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