Friday, May 24, 2013

Growing Up

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I’ve gotten really concerned about money recently and it’s a new sensation. I grew up in a privileged family, I guess you could say? That sounds terrible but you know, that’s my reality. But when I got married my dad told me he was no longer going to support me financially which was fair, but now my husband and I are really hurting for money. We moved here to Texas because he’s in the military and that’s the way it had to be – and since we had to leave California I didn’t have a job when we got here so we’re making do on his salary alone. I’ve been clipping coupons and selling some of our old junk online because we need cash to cover our moving expenses. I got online and looked up (which was referred to me from one of the other military wives) and found us a better energy rate which is saving us a little each month. Every little bit helps and so far we’ve been able to save about $800 this month just doing little stuff. I love my husband and I love my parents – they weren’t exactly excited when I wanted to get married so young but I knew this was the right thing to do. They aren’t trying to punish me or “cut me off” as my best friend put it, they’re just trying to teach me responsibility because I’m grown up now and it’s tough to be independent. It’s been hard for me to learn that lesson but I know my parents have my best interest at heart. They love my husband and think we’re great together but they were concerned about how young we both are. I understand that but now that I live in Texas and own my own home I feel like I’m better prepared than I ever have been to live on my own and be the woman of the house. They’d be so proud of me!

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Anonymous said...

what a great story i love to hear about others life thanks for sharing..