Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clifford The Big Red Dog Bubble Science

Hey Neighbors!

The Young Scientists Club has teamed up with Clifford the Big Red Dog, and now Clifford can teach your young children some science.

We received the Bubble Science kit which is designed for ages 3+, but I will tell you that my 12 year old had fun using this kit.  Clifford was one of her favorites for years, so this was like spending time with an old friend.  I mean, I remember Clifford from years ago.  He is 50 years old now!  Wow, I wonder what that is in dog age?

Anyway, the kit comes with most everything you need.  You will have to add some common household supplies, but there is plenty to do even if you do not have these on hand.  The kit comes with:
Manual-Featuring Clifford and Emily Elizabeth
Lab Tray
Bubble Wand
2 Bottles of Bubble Solution
Piece of Foil
3 Pipe Cleaners
4 Sheets of White Paper
6 Straws
Measuring Cup
Rubber Band

There are 14 experiments in the manual to do with your child/children.  We went outside to experiment.  I am glad we did!  We started out with an experiment that needed pepper.  You fill the Lab Tray with water and then add pepper.  Next dip the end of a straw in your Bubble Solution.  Now, allow your child to dip the end of the straw in the center of the water with pepper floating and watch what happens.  (Look at the pictures for a clue.)

Next we added Food Coloring (not included in the kit) to some of the Bubble Solution.  We added red and blue to create purple. She used a straw to blow bubbles.

Then she used the straw to blow bubbles in the Lab Tray.  She stuck her straw in and blew until bubbles were flowing out of the lab tray.

After she blew enough bubbles we laid a sheet of white paper over the bubbles to create a bubble print.  This looks so neat!

We tried putting the straws together with a rubber band, like in the book, but the straws kept bending.  She still had fun with them connected like that.

Below are some pictures from the book of the experiments we did!  Everything is explained very clearly and is so easy to do!

Does she look like she had fun? And if you can see our table, you will know why I am glad we decided to go outside!

About the Science Kits:

Although you can't teach an old dog new tricks, a big red dog will be teaching science "tricks" to youngsters in 2013. The Young Scientists Club has enlisted -- through a new licensing agreement -- a beloved literary character, Clifford The Big Red Dog®, to guide kids to discover bubbles, rainbows and experiments by the kitchen sink in three new kits! Perennial favorite The Magic School Bus returns in the form of two new science toys with a focus on weather and nature. These five fabulous kits are sure to get kids as young as three excited about the world around them.
Baby boomers were the first to adore the Norman Bridwell-penned Clifford the Big Red Dog book. Now 50 years later, Scholastic is set to celebrate Clifford’s official birthday in 2013 just as The Young Scientists Club launches its three licensed kits featuring the loveable big dog on the cover and throughout the science experiments manuals. Clifford leads kids by the paw with the help of his friend Emily Elizabeth who narrates the story line of each experiment. This new license means The Young Scientists Club will introduce even younger kids, as young as age 3 years and up, to the fun of science.

Also the entire line of Clifford Science Kits have won the Tillywig Toy and Media Brain Child Award which is only given to exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning.

Wow!  I really believe you and your child/children would really enjoy any of the Clifford Science Kits.  One of my neighbors will get the chance to pick one of the following science kits:
Clifford The Big Red Dog Bubble Science $19.99  3+
Clifford the Big Red Dog Rainbow Science $19.99  3+
Clifford the Big Red Dog Kitchen Science $19.99  3+
The Magic School Bus Explore the Wonders of Nature  $19.99  5+

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Darlene said...

Clifford as that is the only one I saw that is for under 4.

andrea v said...

Rainbow science

Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Magic School Bus Wonders of Nature!

Melissa V said...

I would have to choose the bubbles! My son loves them.

A Stable Beginning said...

I would choose the Clifford bubble kit.