Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Who Loves Western Designs?

Hey Neighbors!

I have 4 daughters who all went through the phase of loving horses and anything to do with them.  They collected plastic horses, glass horses, decorated their rooms with pictures and posters of horses and of course wanted to wear clothing with horses on them. When they were little we were always looking for Western Fabric to make clothing, curtains, pillows, etc.  Mind you it was always western, none of them had an interest in English riding.

We started out making skirts and matching vests.  Of course with the leftover material we just had to make little matching bandanas or kerchiefs and occasionally bonnets.  As they became older they still wanted western skirts, but they stopped wearing the vests.  They really enjoyed wearing the ruffled, tiered skirts.  Sometimes we made matching outfits for all of us.  They would wear skirts and I would have a matching jumper out of the same type of western material.  We even made western chaps for the boys one time.  They actually turned out quite nice looking as we made them out of a canvas type material and used leather laces to tie them to their legs.  All they needed were their boots and cowboy hats.

Then of course the girls wanted their room western also.  First thing was the curtains and pillows.  Those were easy to make.  They had to settle for plain colored comforters that just matched the color of the curtains and pillows.  Each of the four girls went through this stage.

With the older girls when they outgrew playing horses, they decided they needed a real horse.  At the time we were not able to have a horse, but they were able to take riding lessons.  As teenagers they mucked stalls 3-4 times a week to lease a horse.  shortly after that we moved and they were not able to ride.  The younger two girls have never owned a horse, although they would LOVE to someday.

I have decided you may have to take the horses out of their lives, but somehow they never lose their love of western wear.  They still wear western skirts, blouses and cowgirl boots on occasion, and of course when traveling through Texas we have to visit a Western Wear store and of course we still purchase western material when we find a good buy.

Have any of my neighbors gone through this with their children?  Was there something else they preferred to decorate their rooms with?  Share your comments with us!

See you At the Fence soon!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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