Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Need Our Auto AC Repaired

Hello Neighbors!

While in Texas we needed some auto repair done.  If you remember I wrote about needing a window replaced due to someone breaking in to our vehicle to steal our GPS.  Now we have another problem.  We are hearing strange sounds in our SUV when we run the AC or heater.  Auto AC Repair Austin?  I think not.

We recently, over the last month or so have heard a thumping type noise when the AC or heat is on.  Sometimes when you adjust the fan speed it stops and then other times it doesn't.  It doesn't seem to affect the temperature, but it does become annoying.

Anyway, when we took our vehicles in for a maintenance check this past month, we asked them to check it out.  We were told that they had decided it was not something that really needed repaired at this time as it does not change the AC or heat working properly, and that it would be a costly repair because they would have to take out the entire dash to get at it.  My son asked me how they knew what it was and what it would cost to repair if they never even looked at it, but had only listened to it.  Now I know there are some sounds you can hear and determine approx. what is wrong, and I guess we are just going to have to take their word on this one.

So, my husband has decided to wait this one out and see what happens.  It does not affect the way the vehicle runs, nor does it affect the AC or heat as long as you don't mind the noise.  Maybe we will get a second opinion on it and go from there.

What do you think?  Should we let it go or have it looked at by someone else?  Have you ever had a knocking sound in your AC?  Be sure to leave a comment if you know what might be causing this.

I will update you if things change.  Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting At the Fence!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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