Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visiting Disney For the First Time

Tips to Remember
Planning on going to Disney World in the near future? If so, you must be excited! Whether this is your first time you are taking your family there or you’re headed back when you haven’t been there in a while, there are always new tips to learn. If you plan ahead of time you will be fully prepared to enjoy everything about your vacation. Besides Disney World there are also other activities to enjoy. Plan ahead and buy tickets for the theme parks, write down which night time activities you’d like to participate in, and learn new theme park secrets so that your experience in Orlando will be the best one yet.

Discover Disney World’s Multiple Parks

Since Disney World is made of several amusement parks, take the time to figure out which ones you’d like to visit and enjoy with your kids. It may seem like a pain getting several tickets, but it’s well worth it if you want a complete experience. The most common theme park is the Magic Kingdom, which is where you may want to begin your experience. Depending on how long you will be staying at Disney World, plan on going to at least three amusement parks so you can truly experience Disney World. There are also park hopper tickets that you can purchase that should also include free Disney shuttles to take you where you need to go.

Night Time Entertainment

Don’t forget that the fun will really begin in Orlando with your family after sunset. Plan ahead and learn about which parks will be open until midnight. If you plan on spending one or more nights staying out later then you should enjoy the evening entertainment, from rides that stay open late to sparkling fireworks. Don’t forget that most night time events do take planning, so if you desire to go to a new dinner restaurant that’s getting a lot of hype you should make reservations ahead of time.

Other Activities to Explore

Besides having a blast at Disney World there are other fun places to explore in Florida. Consider checking out Universal Studios.  Also, if you want to swim with friendly dolphins, travel to Discovery Cove. All of these activities and more will allow you to have a wonderful vacation and allow you to make new memories you will never forget.

Corinne stayed at the Orlando Vista Hotel Near Disney World while enjoying Disney World and the other sites on a fun family vacation.

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